Google buys stake in ADT for Nest

Google is paying $450 million for a nearly 7% stake in longtime home and business security provider ADT Inc., a deal that will open new opportunities for one of the internet's most powerful companies to extend the reach of its Nest cameras and voice-activated voice assistant.

As part of the partnership announced Monday, ADT will use Nest's internet-connected cameras, as well as another device called the Nest Home Hub that comes with an internet-connected camera, as part of its customers' security systems.

Both the Nest cameras and Home Hub can be operated through voice commands processed by the Google digital assistant that competes against Amazon's Alexa and Amazon's Siri in a key area of artificial intelligence.


Microsoft pursues purchase of TikTok

Microsoft is continuing talks to buy TikTok in the United States, opening up the possibility of using its financial might to buy the fickle infatuation of tweens.

Microsoft made the announcement in a blog post after its chief executive, Satya Nadella, talked with President Donald Trump, who had threatened to ban the popular social media company, which is owned by China's ByteDance, because of national security fears.

A deal for TikTok — whose app featuring video clips has become wildly popular among young smartphone users — could give Microsoft, a company best known for databases and operating systems, control of one of the largest and most influential social networks in the country.


GM wants dismissal in UAW bribery case

General Motors is asking a federal judge to reconsider his dismissal of a lawsuit against Fiat Chrysler based on new allegations that FCA bribed union and GM officials with millions stashed in secret foreign bank accounts.

GM alleges that bribes were paid to former United Auto Workers Presidents Dennis Williams and Ron Gettelfinger, as well as Vice President Joe Ashton. It also alleges that bribes were paid to GM employees including Al Iacobelli, a former FCA labor negotiator who was hired and later released by GM.

The allegations were made in a court motion filed Monday by GM, which wants to revive the lawsuit that was dismissed in July.

GM alleges that payments were made so the officials would saddle GM with more than $1 billion in additional labor costs.