The 2015 Ford Expedition is powered by a potent, twin-turbo engine.

In Chattanooga, SUVs are the vehicles most likely to top 200,000 miles. And there's one clear endurance champ — the Toyota Sequoia.

If you want a vehicle that lasts more than 200,000 miles, your best bets in Chattanooga are full-size SUVs. Four of the top five longest-lasting vehicles owned by Chattanooga drivers are big SUVs, and the fifth, the Honda Pilot, is a mid-size crossover.

This is for good reason. Most large SUVS have normally-aspirated (non-turbo) V-8 engines that don't have to work as hard as engines with smaller displacement, so they last longer. The trade-off is most of these SUVs don't get stellar gas mileage.

The real standout in the group is the Toyota Sequoia. About 15 percent of the Sequoias on the road in Chattanooga have over 200,000 miles, more than twice as many proportionally than any other model.

The figures come from a study from that examined more than 13.6 million auto records nationally to come up with the list.

Here is the list of longest-lasting cars in Chattanooga.

1. Toyota Sequoia (15.2 percent of the Sequoias in Chattanooga have more than 200,000 miles.)

2. Ford Expedition (7.6 percent)

3. Chevrolet Tahoe (7.2 percent)

4. Chevrolet Suburban (7.0 percent)

5. Honda Pilot (6.8 percent)