I've mentioned before just how much I appreciate pitches for future columns, particularly from successful bloggers themselves. Today's tips are a perfect example and come compliments of Kyle James from the site Rather be Shopping. Folks like Kyle perform investigative chores so I don't always have to and with the holidays coming up AND news of much delayed shipping for our shopping, he shows us how best to price match at the local Walmart on both lots of sites and in brick-and-mortar stores. Take a gander in no certain order:

* Best Buy is all about distance and must be within 25 miles of your local Wally World. To verify the lower cost, either take an ad from Walmart to Best Buy or show BB employees your smartphone to get the price. Obviously, the items must be equal and in-stock, plus you may not use a Best Buy coupon for purchase.

* Michael's allows customers to present a Walmart ad or proof from any mobile device that a lower Walmart price exists. Remember, however, Michael's mandates that the lower price must be obtainable only from your local Walmart store.

* Home Depot used to beat Walmart's price by 10%. No longer. On the other hand, the company still price matches if shoppers show confirmation at HD's customer service desk of the lower Walmart price. (Items must be in stock and the match only works on Wally World's regular retail price.)

* Staples not only matches prices but, also, assuming the new same article sells for less at Walmart, you get 10% off that item(s).

* Bed Bath and Beyond, one of my favorites, offers the match if the Walmart's item is firstquality, has an identical model number, and — naturally — is in-stock. Even better, find a manufacturer's coupon to stack on top of the lower price.

* JCPenney matches on the same items, but all criteria must be identical, too, including brand, style, color, and the like. Bring proof of price. (JCPenney filed for Chapter 11 because of the COVID-19 crisis.)

* Target sometimes seems like an up-scale version of Walmart to some folks, but this doesn't mean the latter's merchandise is inferior. Much of the stores' content is exactly the same so take in the verification of the lower Walmart price to receive the dividend. A nice note indeed: Within a full 14 days of purchase, Target price matches Walmart so be sure to save those receipts!

* Cabela's/Bass Pro Shop prides itself on not being undersold; if an identical product is found within 100 miles of either of the two stores (now the same company) or on a qualifying website, they'll match the price at time of purchase. (Naturally, Walmart is part of this group.) Just show the ad in hand or on your smartphone, and a store associate will verify the item is equal and in stock at Walmart. Check off another 5% if you're a Cabela's Club Member.

* Lowe's matching policy is — as expected — similar to Home Depot, except Lowe's still offers the extra 10% discount. Conversely, while the company limits the number of price matches in a single purchase to what it calls "reasonable qualities," call (1-877) 465-6937 and ask what's "reasonable."

* Office Depot/Office Max — which between Hubby and me grabs a lot of our combined monthly income — is a treasure trove of office supplies that matches any office item found at Walmart.

What we like, though, is the former's policy to give customers a full two weeks after purchase for a price adjustment if Walmart undercuts the price they've paid.

* Sears, though no longer open in the Chattanooga area, still maintains some stores throughout the country. If we run across one of these fading beauties on our travels, expect the store to honor the Walmart price match, but only at the time you make your purchase.

* Dick's Sporting Goods in our area is now a humongous new store, which also price matches a number of other companies, including Walmart so shoppers no longer need to shop at the latter for lower prices on sporting goods. Just be certain the items are identical, including the brand and model number.

* Tractor Supply Co., with many of the same tools, outdoor equipment, and ranch supplies, is a great price matcher (disallowing Walmart's clearance items or closeout specials). Actually, the company takes their policy a gabillion leaps further by matching every other retailer except eBay and Amazon third-party sellers. Can't beat that!

* Kohl's matches in-store pricing but not products on Further, the company excludes many other retailers; still, as it allows us to stack Kohl's coupons on top of the purchase price. (And every visit there to return an Amazon purchase, we get a $10 Kohl's Cash coupon.)

* Staples not only matches Walmart's price, but it also discounts 10% of the difference.

* Petco is usually higher for pet supplies, although it does price match with Walmart. One stipulation, however, mandates the two stores must fall within a "reasonable" (there's that word again) distance from each other — good news for those of us who shop at the local Gunbarrel sites.

* West Marine affords us the matching price if a Walmart is located within 50 miles of one of its stores. Give 'em the following information to acquire the lower price: Walmart address, item number and base price.

(To obtain full information regarding these price matching companies, check out Kyle and I both wish his and my readers a delicious and safe Thanksgiving.)

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