Note: The increase in "extreme speeds" was added to the list of Comcast upgrades at 10:30 a.m. on Nov. 12.

Comcast is boosting Internet speeds for its customers in the Chattanooga area.

The faster Internet service will double the speed of the Xfinity download times for Comcast's basic tier of Internet options and add another gigabit of speed for its Gigabit Pro clients. The enhanced service is being added with no additional cost to customers by using enhanced broadband technologies and Comcast's expanding infrastructure.

Jason Gumbs, Comcast's regional senior vice president, said Comcast has invested nearly $30 billion across the country over the past decade to build an expansive, fiber-dense network comprised of 191,000 route miles that carries an immense amount of traffic.

"Faster speeds will give our customers added capacity to power all their connected devices, in addition to the cybersecurity protection, in-home Wi-Fi controls, and wall-to-wall Wi-Fi coverage Comcast already provides," Gumbs said.

Comcast said upgrades are now live at no additional cost on most of its plans with the following upload and download capabilities:

— Performance Starter upload speeds doubled to 50/10 Mbps.

— Performance Select upload speeds doubled to 100/10 Mbps.

— Blast! speeds increased from 200/10 Mbps to 300/20 Mbps.

Extreme speeds increased from 400/20 Mbps to 600/20 Mbps.

— Extreme Pro speeds increased from 800/20 Mbps to 900/20 Mbps.

— Gigabit Pro speeds increased from 2/2 Gbps to 3/3 Gbps symmetrical nationwide.

In addition to delivering the faster speeds, Comcast provides Xfinity Internet customers access to the nation's largest Wi-Fi network with more than 20 million hotspots across the country.

Comcast, which serves most of Southeast Tennesee and Northwest Georgia, is the nation's biggest cable TV provider and is second only to AT&T in revenues among telecommunication companies.

But in Chattanooga, Comcast has lost much of its internet customer base to EPB, the city-owned electricity and broadband provider that has more than 120,000 EPB Fiber customers in its service territory. EPB built its telecommunications network a decade ago on fiber-optic lines originally installed to help create a smarter electric grid for its power service.

— Compiled by Dave Flessner