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Not long after opening their first brewery on Martin Luther King Boulevard, owners Jay and Bryan Boyd started thinking of ways to improve the business by offering more services for their customers.

Their patrons, in turn, let the father and son team know what they'd like in the way of new things. Jay's wife, Emily, is now part of the ownership team, as well.

"We started thinking about ways to grow several years ago," Jay Boyd said, "but we realized there were some areas we could not serve for our crowd because the space is small. Things like a full menu and a family friendly atmosphere.

"We want to keep them [customers] here at our place as long as we can, obviously, but they also pushed our comfort zone with ideas."

In addition to more room inside, the owners also wanted the space to be nearby and to provide plenty of parking, outdoor space and room to brew more beer. They believe they have found the right place at the former Central Freight Building near the corner of Main Street and Central Avenue.

Customers, and the Boyds, also wanted a place that will allow for a full kitchen to offer a full menu. Boyd said plans are to renovate and open the facility by this summer.

"It's long and skinny with big windows for roll-up doors and it has space for a huge beer garden and a parking lot. Our customers are very excited about that," he said.

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OddStory Brewing Co. expansion

The new location will include nearly 7,600 square feet of indoor space and 10,000 square feet each of outdoor and parking spaces. The outdoor space will include a covered patio with eight taps and an area for dogs. The indoor space will have 24 taps serving beer and curated cocktails. There will also be a stage for live music.

Once the new place opens, the current location will be converted into a lounge with full bar for people 21 and older.

Boyd said he has been talking with members of the local beer community, as well as customers, about what the new place should be.

"The local beer community is very friendly," he said.

"Jake Raulston at Naked River is really good at lots of things, like plumbing and ways to do things, and he's been helpful. People think we compete, but we really compete more regionally."

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