Chattanooga area bankruptcy filings, Nov. 27-Dec. 3

Chattanooga area bankruptcy filings, Nov. 27-Dec. 3

December 5th, 2017 by Staff Report in Business Diary

These are new cases according to court records, that were filed in the Chattanooga and Winchester offices of U.S. Bankruptcy courts Eastern District of Tennessee, Nov. 27-Dec. 3, 2017:


Smith, Vickie L., 1524 McBrien Road, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Dave, Antonio M., 3126 Noah St., Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Marshall, Brian J., 1714 Cambridge Drive, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Howard, Andrew Bryant and Nicole, 207 Gardenia Ave., Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 13

Holt, Farren Jerome and Tanya Ann, 2605 Lynda Circle SE, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 13

Crisp, Keri Ann, 105 Jackson St. NW, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 7

Vail, Tammy Rachelle, 28 Windham Lane, Ringgold, Ga., Chapter 7

Lowery, Pamela Denise, 54 Northfield Drive, Chatsworth, Ga., Chapter 7

Skiba, Ryan Douglas, 1001 Ellis Drive SE, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 13

Maddux, Tyler Dewayne and Candace Nicole, 915 20th St., Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 7

Hardy, Jeffrey Lamar and Lisa Ann, 5759 Berdene Circle, Ooltewah, Chapter 13

Ross, Tony nmi, 1405 A West 53rd St., Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Carlfeldt, Jennifer Ahnna, 1254 Grand Center Road, Chickamauga, Ga., Chapter 7

Bell, La'Troy Louis and Candice Blair, 204 Laws Ave., Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Land, Donny Lee, 241 Meadow Green Drive, Ringgold, Ga., Chapter 13

Wilson, JaQuis Andrea, 223 Timber Knoll Drive, Apartment 155, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Ecton, Sonya Yvette, 4206 Linton Ave., Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Fuller, Nancy Ann, 16 Kellys Ferry Ave., Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Bates, Kevin Gene and Deborah Kay, 1021 Waters Drive, Ringgold, Ga., Chapter 13

Eubanks, Matthew Byron, 536 Brownwood Circle, Ringgold, Ga., Chapter 13

Hinkle, Edward L., 139Alamo Way, Dalton, Ga., Chapter 13

Green Jr, John James, 7120 Dalefield Lane, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Jones, Yolanda Faye, 2803 Morgan Ave., Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Stevens, Carol Lynn, 3870 Highway 301, Trenton, Ga., Chapter 13

Shirley, Jimmy Lynn Linda Kay, 552 Condra Road, Whitwell, Tenn., Chapter 13

Crum, Steven Lawrence, 4517 West Valley Road, Dunlap, Tenn., Chapter 13

Nance, Timothy Grey and Carolyn Jean, 6608 Hillbrook Lane, Hixson, Chapter 13

Stewart, Ricky Delando, 5428 Hunter Village Drive, Ooltewah, Chapter 13

Kellogg, LonDeon Lamar, 700 Parkview Drive, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Austin, Holli Lynae, 1920 Gunbarrel Road #505, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Burks, Kiven Olandis, 1418 B Stratton Place Drive, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Weaver, Dwight Antoine, 815 Spears Ave., Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Russell, Doneisha Patrice, 3109 Lookaway Trail, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Miller, Michael Douglas and Tamera Elaine, 4619 Green Shanty Road, Ooltewah, Chapter 7

Martin, Keith David, 147 Inman St., Ringgold, Ga., Chapter 13

Sloan, Justin Thomas, 601 Bonneville Drive, Chatsworth, Ga., Chapter 13

Dodd, Rachel Elisabeth, 7255 Lee Highway Apartment 813, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Burnette, Kimberly Eileen, 6600 Hunter Road, Harrison, Chapter 7

Garth, Jessica Nicole, 5008 15th Ave., Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Skillern, Cassaundra Joyce, 1713 La Hugh St., Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Uncapher, Shawna Kay, 9165 Dallas Hollow Road, Soddy Daisy, Tenn., Chapter 7

Wiggins, Tanesha MaShunda, 2803 Fairview Drive, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Hawkins, Kathy Diane, 300 North 5th Ave., Chatsworth, Ga., Chapter 13

Harrison, Travis Lee, 7717 Basswood Drive, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Quattrochi, Andrew Joseph and Brittany Michelle, 1217 Helena Drive, Hixson, Chapter 7

Davis, Bryan Patrick and Tiffany Reneee, 140 Mill St., Graysville, Tenn., Chapter 13

Roach, Julie Ann, 294 Jones St., Lot 18, Decatur, Tenn., Chapter 13

Young, Christopher Scott, 41 E. Pint St., Rossville, Chapter 13

Young, Kristen Leigh, 41 E. Pint St., Rossville, Chapter 13

Pyott, John Patrick and Karen Regina, 3925 Adkisson Drive NW, Apartment 3134, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 13

Wilson, Paula Dee, 2541 Waterhaven Drive, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Hodge, Jeffrey Glenn, 3250 Trewhitt Road SE, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 13

Fletcher, Richard Scott and Linda Akin, 1965 Hunt Road SE, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 13

Clark, Lisa Plemons, 6104 Wentworth Ave., Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Turner, Carolyn Lee, 7711 East Village Lane, Hixson, Chapter 13

Howard, Larry Shannon, P.O. Box 188, Graysville, Ga., Chapter 7

Bardin, Douglas Edward, 6319 Bonny Oaks Drive, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Bardin, Jacqueline Darlene, 6319 Bonny Oaks Drive, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Geren, Meleah Dawn, 1226 Victory St. SW, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 13

Grimes, Jesse Lee and Heather Diane, 441 Lock & Dam Road, Jasper, Tenn., Chapter 13

Bonds, Lynnitra Bryson, P.O. Box 793, Rossville, Chapter 13

Baine, Nathan Lee, 2315 Sirlancelot Place, Apartment #103, Dalton, Ga., Chapter 13

West, Patricia Alline, 143 Ken Lane, Ringgold, Ga., Chapter 7

Stobert, Connie Denise, 111 Sun High Ct SE, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 13

Tumlin, Nakesha Lynn, 1615 Blount Ave. SW, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 7

Dover, Stephen Lee, 10405 Card Road Apartment #321, Soddy Daisy, Tenn., Chapter 13

Dover, Elizabeth Paige, 10405 Card Road Apartment #321, Soddy Daisy, Tenn., Chapter 13

Lomerson, Robert James, 345 Berry St., Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 13

Reed, Rebekah Lynne, 1505 N Winer Drive, Soddy Daisy, Tenn., Chapter 13

Bramlett, Melanie Yvonne, 1438 Vance Road C-1, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Revis, Barbara Ann, 164 Country Village Way, Dayton, Tenn., Chapter 7

Waller, James Edward and Jennifer Lynn, 566 Cat Hollow Road, Evensville, Tenn., Chapter 7

Wood, Christine Marie, 409 Ashton Ridge Drive, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Scott, David Lamar, 3606 Craig Road, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Hall, Mary Ellen, 7504 Hydrus Drive, Harrison, Chapter 13

Hubbard, Letticia Renee, 1711 Milne St., Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Thomas, Glen and Juli, 1024 Falcon Run Drive, Soddy Daisy, Tenn., Chapter 7

Samples, Timmy Joe and Geneva Marie, 5210 Harper St. NW Lot #52, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 13

Davis, William Allen and Gloria Mae, 38 Manatee Lane, Ringgold, Ga., Chapter 13

Leffew, Dana Lee, 10405 Card Road, Apartment 323, Soddy Daisy, Tenn., Chapter 13

Smith, Robert Alan, 1409 Burning Bush Road, Ringgold, Ga., Chapter 13

Thomas, Gary Kevin and Pamela Michelle, 1807 Lakewood Ave., Soddy Daisy, Tenn., Chapter 13

Nielsen, Thomas Lee and Monica Lee, 900 Airport Road, Lot 88, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Rutherford, Christopher Allen, 1713 Timesville Road, Signal Mountain, Tenn., Chapter 7

Ward, Tesha Rene, 931 Huntington Circle, Hixson, Chapter 7

Cruse, Robert Joseph, 13078 Highway 411 North, Crandall, Ga., Chapter 13

Layne, Cheryl Lynne, 910 Tippings Court NE, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 13

Allen, Veronica Faye, 2200 East 25th St., Chattanooga, Chapter 13

LaCroix, Paul Andre, 6574 E. Brainerd Road, Apartment 1102, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

McWay, Debra Francina, 25 South Germantown Road Apartment 253, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Musanovic, Ermin NMN, 87 Kelsey Drive, Rossville, Chapter 13

Creagh, David Barrus, 6005 Shadyway Lane, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Hester, Isiah Van, 4615 Triple Oaks Lane, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Hickman, Justin Leon and Tasha Ann, 162 Bradley St., Evensville, Tenn., Chapter 13

Cox, Joshua Ryan, 680 White Plains Road, Vonore, Tenn., Chapter 7

Pope Jr., Charles Ralford, 980 Main St., Jasper, Tenn., Chapter 13

Alexander Jr., Robert Wilbur, P.O. Box 8921, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Belcher, Cathy Ilene, 5555 Hixson Pike, Apartment 114, Hixson, Chapter 13

Jones Jr., Quincy Charles, 1920 Gunbarrel Road Apartment 409, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Jones, Kathryn Lynn, 255 Burnett St., Graysville, Tenn., Chapter 13

Morgan, Thomas Eugene and Sheila Lynn, 2910 Williamsburg Lane, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Zipperer, Kristi Renee, 7140 Short Tail Springs Road, Harrison, Chapter 7

Taylor, Logan Coleman and April Antionette, 5914 Winnipeg Court, Ooltewah, Chapter 13

McKillip, Michael Larry, 243 Porter Lake Road, Spring City, Tenn., Chapter 7

Williams, Maurice Carlton, 9153 Westminster Circle Drive, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Armour, Patrick Kyle, 1811 Wilcox Blvd., Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Brannon Jr., Julian Roscoe and Trudy Reneee, 4369 Highway 337 LaFayette, Ga., Chapter 13

Chambers II, Terry Lee, 8704 Forest Hill Drive, Hixson, Chapter 13

Cross, LaVerne Copeland, 3408 Dodson Ave., Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Ray, Anthony Lee and Ashley Hope, 237 White Lane, Ringgold, Ga., Chapter 13

Eller, Matthew Stephen and Amber LaShae, 414 Woodgate Drive SE, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 13

Jackson, Danielle Ashanti, 7710 East Brainerd Road 1022, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Brown, Darrius Jawon, 6220 Shallowford Road, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Lively, David Eugene, P.O. Box 985, Rossville, Chapter 13

Tate, Sylvia Michelle, 2115 East 14th St., Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Sheets, Jeremy Brad, 327 Gary Drive, Dalton, Ga., Chapter 7

Hamilton, Pepper Genice, 24 Glasscock Road, Rossville, Chapter 13

Wright, Anita Charlene, 3889 Red Cardinal Drive NE, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 13

Mitteis, Kelly Lynn, 106 County Road 960, Calhoun, Tenn., Chapter 13

Crabtree, Nancy Roberts, 2505 Highway 11, South, Athens, Tenn., Chapter 13

Anglin Jr., George Brian and Tara Bethany, 131 Nicholson Drive SW, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 13

Swafford, James Tyler, 106 County Road 60, Athens, Tenn., Chapter 13


Hix, Tavara Jonelle, 109 Choctaw Court, Shelbyville, Tenn., Chapter 7

Pickett, Justin Thomas, 107 Nutmeg Drive, Shelbyville, Tenn., Chapter 7

Crabtree, Travis Ray, 204 Meadowbrook Drive, McMinnville, Tenn., Chapter 7

Mason, Victoria Lynn, 3547 Normandy Road, Normandy, Tenn., Chapter 7

Garrett, Douglas Allen and Amy Renee, 1509 Lockmiller Road, Estill Springs, Tenn., Chapter 13

Capino, Danny Hans, 511 Howell Hill Road, Kelso, Tenn., Chapter 7

Holt, Timothy Wayne, 1188 Bull Run, Lynchburg, Tenn., Chapter 13

Monick, Elizabeth M, 980 Old Nashville Dirt Road, Shelbyville, Tenn., Chapter 13

Davenport, Wayne J. and Verna, 500 E. Lane St. #3, Shelbyville, Tenn., Chapter 13

Webb, Wanda Faye, 161 Easterly Road, Sequatchie, Tenn., Chapter 13

Miller, Joshua David, 298 Dabbs Road, Decherd, Tenn., Chapter 7

Pleasant, Shaneeka Rashawn, 55 Dogwood Pointe #2, McMinnville, Tenn., Chapter 13

Stacy, Jesse Warren and Tina Dawn, 308 Stegall St., Tullahoma, Tenn., Chapter 7

Hunt, Lacey Rieann, 1398 Dickerson Road, Hillsboro, Tenn., Chapter 7

Brooks, Sheila Darlene, 1861 Cortner Road, Wartrace, Tenn., Chapter 13

Starnes, Courtney Kidada, 238 Anthony Lane, C-26, Shelbyville, Tenn., Chapter 13