Chattanooga area bankruptcy filings, Sept. 25-Oct. 1

Chattanooga area bankruptcy filings, Sept. 25-Oct. 1

October 6th, 2017 by Staff Report in Business Diary

These are new cases according to court records, that were filed in the Chattanooga and Winchester offices of U.S. Bankruptcy courts Eastern District of Tennessee, Sept. 25-Oct. 1, 2017:



Armstrong, James David, 339 Hemlock Drive, Grandview, Tenn., Chapter 13

Mitchell, Alma Lorraine, 6312 Rosemary D rive, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Higgins, Timothy Jerome and Peggy Marie, 185 Colony Circle, Hixson, Chapter 13

Cisco, Patricia Ann, 6920 Barchel Circle, Harrison, Chapter 7

Mussared, Christopher Mickeal and Leah Ann, 155 Willie Way, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Marler, Alethea Joy, P.O. Box 3064, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 13

Owens, Marilyn Ruth, P.O. Box 246, Guild, Tenn., Chapter 13

Garner, Tommy Anson Sr., 4901 Woodland View Circle, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Whitener, Gary Lee, 1098 Owl Hollow Road, McDonald, Tenn., Chapter 7

Porter, LaTrisha Yvonne, 1508 East 14th St., Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Hughes, Tommy Lee Jr., 142 Damron St., Dayton, Ten., Chapter 13

Luther, Anna Kristina, 159 McMillan Lane, Dayton, Tenn., Chapter 13

Shelton, Billy Fate Jr. and Susan Denise, P.O. Box 501, McDonald, Tenn., Chapter 13

Allen, Clinton Bennyfield and Beverly Gail, 393 East St. SE, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 7

Kiswani, Andrew Alex, 577 West Nickajack Road, Ringgold, Ga., Chapter 13

Patterson, Allan Wayne, 9936 Blue Springs Road, Sweetwater, Tenn., Chapter 13

Farmer, Jeanetta Fay, 2950 Eastview Terrace, S.E., Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 7

Sakal, Lynn Carol, 400 Keith Lane #71, Athens, Tenn., Chapter 13

McMath, Antonio Dewayne and Evelyn Sherell, 105 Savannah Way, Fort Oglethorpe, Chapter 13

Johnson, Jeffery Lee, 4616 Sunflower W., Apartment 807, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Labeau, Robert Joseph and Amanda Lee, 1100 Coosa St., Athens, Tenn., Chapter 7

Mahoney, Angela Lynn, 11502 Bates Road, Apison, Tenn., Chapter 13

Puckett, Dyllan Douglas, 4633 Nell Ave. NW, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 7

Gregg, Jessica Lee, 262 Carriage lane NE, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 13

Crowell, William Bristol, 1041 Boy Scout Road, Hixson, Chapter 7

Smith, Samuel Eugene, 469 Cliff Road, Lot 21, Soddy-Daisy, Chapter 13

Fine, Darryl Wade, 307 Poppy Ave., Dayton, Tenn., Chapter 13

Brown, Jo Ann Terrell, 2429 13th Ave., Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Ledbetter, Michael Brandon, 75 Mallard Lane, LaFayette, Ga., Chapter 7

Sharp, Savanah Renay, 1122 Ridgetop Drive, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Roberts, Tracy Lynn and Dorothy Jean, 255 Potts Road, Graysville, Tenn., Chapter 7

Blevins, Kelli Daniele, 10824 Jenkins Circle, Soddy-Daisy, Chapter 13

Gilbert, Samuel Lee, 4040 Mountain Creek Road #2804, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Caslin, Kimberly Yalonda, 3632 Chateau Lane, Apartment 174, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Evans, Sonja Lanett, 3228 Haywood Ave., Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Berry, Jeffrey Stephen Jr., 624 Cherry St., Dunlap, Tenn., Chapter 13

Long, Christopher Eugene, 2717 Rossville Blvd., Apartment 311, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Waller, Ruby Janette, 326 Wynn Lane, Soddy-Daisy, Chapter 13

Severance, Teresa Lynn, 4266 Green Acres Drive, Ooltewah, Chapter 13

Schwartz, Tangelia Bernice, 975 Shadow Lane, Hixson, Chapter 13

Roberts, Terry L. and Linda Gail, P.O. Box 898, Soddy-Daisy, Chapter 13

Waller, Christopher Lynn, 112 Topaz St., Rossville, Chapter 7

O'dea, Betty Ann, 7629 Highway 60, Georgetown, Tenn., Chapter 13

Conner, Polisha Gaile, P.O. Box 5296, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Fortenberry, Michael Bryant, 944 Van Dell Drive, Rock Spring, Ga., Chapter 13

Bishop, Tennille Marie, 1328 English Lane, Athens, Tenn., Chapter 13

Henry, Janet Van Nus, P.O. Box 471, Englewood, Tenn., Chapter 13

Miles, Nathan Dwayne, 1104 Dressage Drive, Cohutta, Ga., Chapter 13

Whittenburg, Amber Lynn, 728 West 12th St., Chickamauga, Ga., Chapter 7

McCurry, Meshona Tyree, 1717 Morrison Springs Road, Whitwell, Tenn., Chapter 13

Pevehouse, Kristy ., 136 Mapleleaf Drive, Rock Springs, Ga., Chapter 13

Barrett, Hershel Christopher and Toni Yvonna, 2236 Round Pond Road, LaFayette, Ga., Chapter 13

Stevens, Steven Alan, 44 Casey Road, Trenton, Ga., Chapter 13

Atchley, Nathan Brian, 8210 Pinecrest Drive, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Sandell, James Claude Jr. and Lori, 634 Back Valley Road, Dayton, Tenn., Chapter 13

Alford, William Howard and Nan Hutsell, 258 Desoto Drive, Delano, Tenn., Chapter 7

Jordan, Gail Lanette, 1316 Wheeler Ave., Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Mitchell, Jack, 7743 Cecelia Drive, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Strickland, Marlene Denise, 1710 Union Ave., Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Brown, Maeola, 2457 5th Ave., Chattanooga, Chapter 1

Hunter, Wanda Olivia, 1704 Olive St., Apartment B, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Price, Henry Daniel Jr., and Shirley Ann, 1193 10th St. NE, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 13

Walker, James Timothy and Tammy Lynn, 187 County Road 132, Athens, Tenn., Chapter 13

Deneau, Lula Faye, 145 Belcher Road, Madisonville, Tenn., Chapter 13

McLaughlin, Christopher James and Rebecca Jean, 30 Peck Lane, Decatur, Tenn., Chapter 7

Hickman, Velma Jennell, 145 Belcher Road, Madisonville, Tenn., Chapter 13

Caul, Susan Renee, 1011 Gadd Road, Apartment 618, Hixson, Chapter 13

Smith, Faye Annette, 3804 13th Ave., Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Taylor, Marion Joyce, 4903 Belle Vista Drive, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Walden, Rusty Ray, 19529 River Canyon Road, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Erwin, Connie Marlene, 343 Kelsey Drive, Rossville, Chapter 13

Gomez, Emma Monserato, 902 Village Place, Cohutta, Ga., Chapter 13

Watson, Jackie Lynn Sr. and Deborah Kay, 5081 Shoals Lane, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

McClure, Michael Yvonne, 216 Daugherty Ferry Road, Sale Creek, Tenn., Chapter 7

Baker, Frank, 2806 Noa St., Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Crump, Shirley Sue, 11185 Mountain Creek Road #707, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Hammonds, Portia Belinda, 1182 North Moore Road, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Minderman, Dayna Lorraine, 1511 A. Rebecca Drive, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Smith, Raphea Danielle, 7417 Igou Gap Road, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Mogren, Robert Paul and Heather Lynn, 1708 Shady Drive, Athens, Tenn., Chapter 7

Evans, Jennifer Lavon Stewart, 33 Hunter Circle, Rossville, Chapter 13

Welch, Jean R., 95 Zelpha Lane, Rising Fawn, Ga., Chapter 13

Patterson, Larry Edward, 1501 25th St. NW, Room 111, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 13

Smith, Lisa Ann, P.O. Box 252, Spring City, Tenn., Chapter 13

Moten, Greg, 36 Emerald Lane, Chickamauga, Ga., Chapter 13

Berry, James Leroy Jr., 382 E. Jackson Ave., Spring City, Tenn., Chapter 7

Smith, Max, P.O. Box 252, Spring Cit, Tenn., Chapter 7

Howard, John Michael, 2033 Old Charleston Road NE, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 13

West, Kevin Anthony, 96 Jackson St., Trenton, Ga., Chapter 13

Sisk, James Christopher, 1611 Duke Lane, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Towler, Lisa Renee, 4713 Bonny Oaks Drive #2311, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Paine, Allison Danielle, 2914 Haywood Ave., Apartment 2C, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Phelps, Judith Christine, 433 Antelope Trail, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Anderson, Shannon Danelle, 1920 Gunbarrel Road, Apartment 1106, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Peters, Leland Joel and Joy Marie, 594 Scott Ave., Apartment 14, Etowah, Tenn., Chapter 7

Higdon, Bobbie Andrew, 10 Garden Court Loop, Apt. M-1m Dunlap, Tenn., Chapter 7

Johnson, Jackie, 6222 Pine Marr Drive, Hixson, Chapter 13

Hale, Carl Jason and Rita Lane, 67 Creekview Drive, Ringgold, Ga., Chapter 13

Hodgson, Carol Leeanne, 3331 Gundy Lane, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Pittard, Jerel Shaw, 1507 Hickory Valley Road, Apartment G45, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Dobbins, Heather Ann, 333 Carolyn Drive, Chickamauga, Ga., Chapter 7

Toney, Prentice Lebron, 1901 E. 14th St., Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Richardson, Troy Eugene, 1574 Highway 157, Lookout Mountain, Ga., Chapter 13

Hill, Tenka Michelle, 1664 Greendale Way #135, Hixson, Chapter 13

Painter, Alonzo Gayther and Carole Gynell, 3255 Clearwater Drive, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 7

Johnson, Monique Nicole, 1609 Monterey Drive, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Gosnell, John Fredrick, 207 Franklin Ave. NW, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 7

Johnson, Keith Edward and Charlotte Boston, P.O. Box 506, Dunlap, Tenn., Chapter 13

Davis, Bruce Jamison and Teresa Fay, 4481 W. Highway 136, Chickamauga, Ga., Chapter 7

Grant, Richard Kenneth Jr. and Lisa Cowan, 1322 Koblan Drive, Hixson, Chapter 7

Williams, Fredrick, 1253 Cypress St., Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Marble, Glynis Evette, 1253 Cypress St., Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Swafford, Dustin Daniel, 809 Gadd Road, Unit A, Hixson, Chapter 7

Bradford, Ronald Thomas, 4208 W. Road, Signal mountain, Chapter 7

Wooden, Robert Michael and Delilah Jane, 257 Garrison Road, Dayton, Tenn., Chapter 13

Todd, Lacey Carolee, 1935 McConnell School Lane #30, Hixson, Chapter 7

Hill, Charles Allen and Stacy Nicole, 364 Mountain View Road, Jasper, Tenn.,Chapter 13

Harrington, Kristie Michelle, 809 Heritage Circle, Dalton, Ga., Chapter 13

Odom, Kevin Dewayne, 113 Scruggs St., Apartment A, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Wade, Wallace Joe, 3422 Persimmon Lane, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Priester, Mya Danielle, 915 S. Seminole Drive, Apartment 47, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Knisely, Russell Joseph, P.O. Box 45, Englewood, Tenn., Chapter 7

Waldrop, Sherry Diane, 419 Marlie Circle NW, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 13



Yates Mark Douglas and Tracy Darlene Yates, 879 Old McMinnville St., Spencer, Tenn., Chapter 13

Lemmon, Jason Carl, 306 East Lane St., Shelbyville, Tenn., Chapter 13

Miller, Dwayne O. and Paula C. Miller, 256 Donaldson Grove Road, Elora, Tenn., Chapter 7

Reid, William Justin, 250 Williamsburg Circle, Tullahoma, Tenn., Chapter 7

Eldridge, Ashley Nicole, 250 Williamsburg Circle, Tullahoma, Tenn., Chapter 7

Mashe, Billy M. Jr., P.O. Box 1, Normandy, Tenn., Chapter 7

Elliott, Orlando Duane, 1004 Massengill St., Winchester, Tenn., Chapter 13

Simmons, Dale Wade and Lisa Marie, 185 Burch Lane, McMinnville, Tenn., Chapter 13

Crosslin, Chastity L., 564 Indian Springs Circle, Manchester, Tenn., Chapter 13

Bell, Peggy Jean, 2 McAlister Lane, Fayetteville, Tenn., Chapter 13

O'Connell, William Edward and Carolyn Elizabeth, 2094 Rock Creek Road, Estill Springs, Tenn., Chapter 7

Mahler, Jason Dale, 445 Wade Road, Sparta, Tenn., Chapter 7

Blanton, Jody L., and Laura M., 1007 Westwood Drive, Tullahoma, Tenn., Chapter 13

Saul, John Raymond, 2164 Highway 82 South, Shelbyville, Tenn., Chapter 13

Watson, David Adam, 175 Willow Run, McMinnville, Tenn., Chapter 7

Whitaker, John D. and Kylie A., 20 Tranquility Drive, Fayetteville, Tenn., Chapter 13

Hobbs, Charles Richard Hobbs III, 242 Camp Woodlee Road, McMinnville, Tenn., Chapter 13

Hevener, David Lyle and Margaret Ann, 141 Hevener Lane, Tullahoma, Tenn., Chapter 13

Hadley, Beverly Wanette Brown, 1862 Pulaski Highway, Fayetteville, Tenn., Chapter 7

Ballwick-Holt, Donald Eugene Jr., 700 Country Club Drive, Tullahoma, Tenn., Chapter 13

Duncan, Paul Lawrence III, 307 E. Decherd St., Tullahoma, Tenn., Chapter 13

Gann, Ronnie Dale and Irene Maryanne, 103 Elkins St., Estill Springs, Tenn., Chapter 13

Cox, Janie Elaine, 703 S. Franklin St., Tullahoma, Tenn., Chapter 7