Main Street celebration marks third year

Main Street celebration marks third year

December 5th, 2009 by Amy Williams in Businesstopstory

Staff Photo by Tim Barber A crews with DV Communications set up sound and lighting equipment for this year's big mainx24 party.

Staff Photo by Tim Barber A crews with DV...

Workers with Quiddity Entertainment have been busy this week setting up stages and lighting for this year's 24-hour celebration of Main Street.

For Quiddity, the Mainx24 party is the perfect opportunity to introduce themselves to city.

"We were looking for office space during Mainx24 last year, so we were here the week before the party, and for us it is kind of a full circle," said Kent Underwood, Quiddity president. "It's awesome to come back a year later and be able to participate in that and contribute to the event."

The third year of the annual Mainx24 party kicks off today to celebrate the Southside neighborhood. Quiddity is one of more than six businesses that have opened in the Southside since last year's event, continuing the momentum that started many years ago. The party is designed to showcase what a resurging neighborhood has to offer.

Among the businesses that have opened in the past year are Italian restaurant Alleia; craft brewery and restaurant the Terminal Brew House; and the Church on Main Street, an old church on Rossville Boulevard that recently was bought by an Atlanta couple who are turning it into a studio/event hall.

Ken Hays, a resident of the Southside, said the event allows the rest of the city to see what a vibrant neighborhood the Southside is.

"The cool thing about Mainx24 is it is a massive volunteer event where residents, business, employees, teachers, parents and others join in a showcase of the Main Street neighborhoods," Mr. Hays said in an e-mail. "I doubt there are many neighborhoods in midsize cities that could pull off such a fun and exciting 24 hours in their neighborhood."

The party will feature more than 70 events in a 24-hour period, including the OCI Chili Cook-off and the Mutt Strut, a dog- and family-friendly event that benefits DoGood Chattanooga advocating for a dog-friendly city.

This year's event also shows the party itself has grown greatly over the last few years since it started. Last year an estimated 2,000 people attended the main party. Mr. Underwood said he is planning for around 1,200 to 1,500 people to attend this year, but there is room for more in the warehouse. Since Quiddity is in the event planning and concert business, the party is a perfect example of what the business does, Mr. Underwood said.

"It is kind of a great opportunity to throw a party," he said.


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