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Co-owner Charles Clendenin set up his 11th Street BBQ stand at the beginning of December to appeal to young professionals and foodies, he said. Due to the recent chilly weather, he's arranged his stand to allow cold-conscious customers to drive-through.

* Name: The Brown Bag

* Location: 932 E. 11th St.

* Products/services: Consumers can order traditional barbecue with a modern twist at this roadside stand on 11th Street. Everything is smoked over a hardwood fire, including holiday hams and turkeys. Co-owners Charles Clendenin and Greg Rollins built a menu that includes brisket, butt, chicken, ribs, smoked portobello mushroom sandwiches and more. Customers can drive through, or park their cars nearby and hang out, although recent low temperatures have caused the drive-through option to skyrocket in popularity.

* Age: 20 days

* Startup investment: $3,000 included the smoker and the first round of food.

* Annual sales: Estimated at $100,000

* Target market: The Brown Bag targets Monday through Friday professionals, as well as those who appreciate hearty and healthy selections. "We're a professional lunch joint," Clendenin said.

* Biggest hurdle: The cold, often below-freezing temperatures have made operating the food stand more challenging.

* Biggest reward: "We get to live the passion and chase the dream," Clendenin said. It makes him happy to hear a customer say, "'Man, that's really good,'" he said.

* Challenges in the future: Dealing with brick-and-mortar demand at a roadside store could be difficult, especially as word of his store gets around, he said.

* Lesson learned: Good food alone will not keep you in business, Clendenin said. It takes marketing, and it's important to create an atmosphere.

* Five-year goal: "I'm going to keep an open mind." Clendenin said he has no long-term plan, but he's certain that he wants to keep what makes his food unique, without caving into the pressure to become like other stores.