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• What: Holidays at the Hunter.

• When: Today, Nov. 29-Wednesday, Jan. 2.

• Where: Hunter Museum of American Art, 10 Bluff View.

• Admission: $9.95 adults, $4.95 children.

• Phone: 267-0968.

• Website:

The holidays are a time for tradition.

Sometimes, however, traditions evolve, or even end. And out of that which ended, new traditions arise.

In the 1960s and '70s, Chattanooga-area residents enjoyed visiting the Hunter Museum of American Art to see multiple trees decorated in themes from around the world.

"If you talk to somebody who grew up in Chattanooga, one of the most common experiences is they all remember going to see the trees at the Hunter Museum," said Hunter public relations manager Katrina Craven, "and it left a big impression on them."

The around-the-world tradition ended in the mid '70s, but in 2007, a different tradition was born, Holidays at the Hunter.

Now in its sixth year, Holidays continues the old tradition of many trees, with a twist -- rather than an around-the-world theme, each tree reflects not only the people who are doing the decorating but might also complement the art of the gallery in which it is standing.

"It should be a nice opportunity for folks to come out and enjoy different styles and themes," said Craven.

This year, the Hunter will display trees decorated by Blue Ivy Flowers, Junior League of Chattanooga, Chattanooga History Center, Bessie Smith Cultural Center, La Paz, museum docent Barbara Kay, Battle Academy, Lookout Mountain Garden Club, Daughters of the American Revolution, Lambs & Ivy and the Hunter Museum staff.

"It's always interesting to see the different interpretations," Craven said. "I'm looking forward to seeing what people do.

"It's a slightly different take on walking through the museum," she added. "This adds another layer."

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