Chattanooga Now Sketchbook Project: Artists' books on cross-country tour - July 8

Chattanooga Now Sketchbook Project: Artists' books on cross-country tour - July 8

July 4th, 2013 by Staff Report in Chattanooga Now - Art

The Brooklyn Art Library features more than 27,559 artists' books. Some 4,500 of these are now on the road as part of the Sketchbook Project, a cross-country tour to more than 30 cities in the U.S. and Canada.

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Sign-ups are open for the Sketchbook Project 2014, which will go on tour next spring and summer. Blank submissions will be available for purchase in person, or sign up online at

A library, a concert tour and a taco truck would seem to have little in common, but they do all describe the Sketchbook Project.

This evolving library features more than 27,559 artists' books contributed by creative people from more than 130 countries. The Sketchbook Project is the flagship endeavor of Art House, a Brooklyn-based company that also operates the Brooklyn Art Library, a storefront exhibition space.

This summer, the founder of the Sketchbook Project and the director of the Brooklyn Art Library have embarked on a cross-country tour and will share the works from the pop-up window of a travel trailer.

The summer tour will take Steven and Sara Peterman to more than 30 cities in the United States and Canada. They'll spend Monday, July 8, in Chattanooga at the Hunter Museum.

According to a Sketchbook spokesperson, the Mobile Library can hold about 4,500 books at a time. The entire collection is catalogued by details provided by each book's creator, which can be anyone of any age or background, from kids to professional artists. The maker of each book fills out details on an online profile, such as profession, city and country of origin, what materials were used, the mood of the book and other details, such as five words that describe the book.

"All of these details are searchable, so when people come to Brooklyn Art Library or one of our Mobile Library stops, they make a free 'library card,' and it lets them access the kiosk where they can search by all of these criteria," says a news release. "The staff on board the Mobile Library then grabs the book off the shelf that matched their search and gives it to them to check out. So you could search by artist's name, city, country, mood, material, local books, etc.

"Or just select 'Random,' and we'll surprise you."

Benches and tables will be set up around the Mobile Library to peruse the books before you return them.

Hunter Museum, 10 Bluff View, will be open 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday. For more information, call 423-267-0968.