Photo by Allen Clark / The Randy Rogers Band features Brady Black, Todd Stewart, Johnny "Chops" Richardson, Randy Rogers, Geoffrey Hill and Les Lawless.

Putting together a solo career that spans two decades is tough enough, but doing it with a band that features the same personnel is rare indeed. Randy Rogers put together his band 20 years ago, and after a few changes during the first three years, he settled on a lineup that has been together 17 years now.

Joining Rogers are Brady Black, Todd Stewart, Johnny "Chops" Richardson, Geoffrey Hill and Les Lawless. It's been a successful partnership that Rogers says he doesn't feel like has even reached its zenith.

"We are all still brothers. Probably more so now than we've ever been. I hate to say we are in our prime because we have plenty to do yet."

He said one of the keys to the band's longevity is "we love playing, and we love playing together. We have our differences, but we deal with it."

The band, which sold out "Austin City Limits Live" at The Moody Theater on Nov. 30, will perform Friday, Jan. 24, at The Signal. Rogers has said each member brings something different to the table, and that's also part of the secret to their success.

"Creatively we all bring something different to the table and you can hear it in the records," Rogers says. "You can hear people's personalities in the records."

It's that blend of unique personalities that has fueled the Randy Rogers Band's success for nearly two decades.

If you go

* What: Randy Rogers Band with Flatland Cavalry

* Where: The Signal, 1810 Chestnut St.

* When: 8 p.m. Friday, Jan. 24

* Admission: $20

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"Our bass player, Johnny Chops, has this way of writing. It's a little old school, a little Waylon-esque if you will," he says in the band's online biography.

"His lyrics aren't necessarily anything like mine. They are a little bit more vague and more interpretive," Rogers says, bragging on his bandmate. "What Brady Black adds to our makeup is his sensibility onstage, his appearance, his energy, his unique way that he plays the fiddle. He's a crowd pleaser."

"Les Lawless, our drummer, has played on hundreds of albums with many different artists. He's kind of the human metronome. He's a solid drummer. I can't recall a mistake he's ever made onstage. He's just a rock. Geoffrey Hill [guitar, vocals] is a very talented musician. He's a great singer, a great harmony singer. Most of our sound as a band is because of Geoffrey, his unique vocals and the way he blends his vocals with my vocals."

Rogers said the band started out with a "nothing-to-lose attitude" and they still feel that way to a degree.

"Everything that we've got, we got together. When we come off the stage, we talk about anything but the show. Baseball. Football. Family."

That attitude has helped them navigate the music industry world that often wants artists to bend and conform to the latest trend. Rogers said they've had those discussions, but have always managed to hold firm to their own beliefs.

"It's all about who you are inside and what you have to say. We developed a strong identity before we ever signed a major booking agency. Those roots and foundations were laid a long time ago. We know what we stand for and who we are."

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