Female sea turtles, like Bunji, swim thousands of miles of open ocean before migrating back, with mysterious precision, to the very beach where they were born to lay eggs that are the foundation for the next generation. / "Turtle Odyssey" Filmmaking Team Photo

In the animal kingdom, humpback whales, caribou and even monarch butterflies regularly undertake lengthy migrations.

Beginning Friday, Feb. 14, audiences at the Tennessee Aquarium Imax 3D Theater will more fully appreciate these journeys after watching a green sea turtle hatchling's 1,000-mile trek through the South Pacific in "Turtle Odyssey 3D."

The film's Valentine's Day arrival dovetails with the Aquarium's Year of the Turtle celebration.

Fittingly, filmmakers at Definition Films say their plucky heroine, Bunji, is not only an easy turtle to love but an excellent ambassador for her species.

As they follow Bunji from her sandy nest into the waters of the Great Barrier Reef, viewers will meet an abundance of other species brimming with beauty. Fringed leafy sea dragons, enormous manta rays and camouflaged giant cuttlefish are just a few of the animals Bunji encounters during her journey.

If you go

› What: “Turtle Odyssey 3D”

› Where: Tennessee Aquarium Imax 3D Theater, 201 Chestnut St.

› When: 1 and 5 p.m. Feb. 14-March 12

› Admission: $11.95 adults, $9.95 children

› For more information:

Educators at the Tennessee Aquarium have designed and produced supplemental educational materials to accompany the film's release. The film's free educational guide for elementary and middle school students offers activities that explore the green sea turtle life cycle, the structure of food webs and how human activity impacts marine life worldwide.

In filming "Turtle Odyssey 3D," the team at Definition Films employed a specially designed underwater camera housing and lenses that make the film burst to life on an Imax screen. They hope audiences leave with a better understanding of the challenges faced by these beloved reptiles and a sense of empowerment to help them.

"Turtles are like a 'canary in the coal mine' for our oceans, and they have a lot to say," the filmmakers explain. "'Turtle Odyssey' is the perfect narrative to be able to thread incredible scientific discoveries into a fun family adventure with an important conservational take-away for the next generation."

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