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Cool Finds

Warmer weather is upon us, and that means one thing: cute new purchases to make all your outdoor adventure-inspired dreams come true! So grab some sunscreen and a friend or two and go make the most of the sunshine!


Marigold mosquito repellent candle

Available at The Barn Nursery

1801 E. 24th St.


This subtly floral and fresh outdoor candle is the answer to everything you're looking for when the weather is warm and you want to avoid being a pesky winged creature's snack. Sold in a reusable container, this candle repels mosquitoes without the use of DEET or citronella, leaving you to enjoy your summer sunsets without harsh chemicals and smells.

Anchor wall art

Available at Tangerinas

157 River St.


Even if you can't take to the water, you can still at least channel it for decor inspiration. This textured wall art piece also serves as a functional hook for anything from hats to keys to coats — or you can simply display it because it's cute!

Tocca's 'Cleopatra' eau de parfum

Available at Belle Rive

113 Frazier Ave.


"Inspired by the Mediterranean seductress, Cleopatra captivates the senses." Tocca's descriptor says it all, but that won't keep us from continuing to rave about how this is the perfect perfume for spring and summer. With fresh top notes of grapefruit and cassis bud and undertones of patchouli, amber and vanilla, this scent is a crowd-pleaser, and a winner year-round in our books.

Floppy beach hat paired with fringe sandals

Both available at Luxe Boutique

201 Frazier Ave.


Spring means sandals, and warm sunshine means a resurgence of our favorite wide-brimmed hats. So why not find complementary neutrals of both for maximum usage? This adorable combo can easily take you from casual to chic to festival fab with minimal wardrobe additions. So what are you waiting for?
Hat: $24.99 Shoes $69.99

Beachglass outdoor floating drinkware

Available at

Whether you're enjoying the weather in your own backyard, in the pool or elsewhere on the water, regular glasses simply can't compare to the convenience of this drinkware. With stems spiked just enough to set them into the ground and a shape to keep them floating — without tipping! — in the water, these glasses are an adorably practical way to keep you sipping on your wine, juice or anything else without unwanted additions like dirt, sand or pool water.
$10.50 apiece