Chatter 20 Under 40: Jason Bowers

Chatter 20 Under 40: Jason Bowers

June 28th, 2018 by Compiled by Jennifer Bardoner in Chatter

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Jason Bowers

Jason Bowers

Photo by Casey Yoshida of Southside Creative


Co-owner of The Bitter Alibi, The Fix Lounge and The Daily Ration; past elementary school teacher in Hamilton County and did NOT get fired; finalist for Small Business of the Year through the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce; defense award on high school basketball team; 100th of a point away from graduating with honors from Bryan College.

What is your anthem or theme song?

The theme song to "Space Jam," because I believe there is a never a bad time to "come on and slam."

If you were a musician, what would your stage or band name be?

Los Empanadas Ricos.

If you were starting a band, who from your life would you pick to be in it and why?

Always surround yourself with people who are way better than you at everything. So

My business partner, Matt Skudlarek, because he would mix me in the studio to sound way better than I really am.

My buddy Jeff Schwenke to play bass, because he has a solid bass face.

My younger brother Luke to play drums, because we've been playing gigs in our basement for years and he knows how to live on the road.

Chris Collins and Greg Higgins would be the hype men.

Scott Porbansky could run merch.

Stratton Tingle would be a special guest each night and whip his hair back and forth.

SoCro can DJ for our Linkin Park covers.

My wife, Skylar, would be the ultimate groupie.

Also, a live rooster named Steffin onstage for each set.

Which member of the band would you be?

Lead singer and guitarist. This is my fantasy; of course I'm going to be in the spotlight.

If you achieved rock star status, what would you hope it would be for?

Finding a treasure map that takes me on a trip around the world following clues. Think "National Treasure" meets "Pirates of the Caribbean," only the cast of "Arrested Development" are the minor characters. Wait, is this still fantasy?

Random green room demand?

Tacos and tortilla chips and salsa from the local Mexican restaurant. If I'm traveling around the U.S., I want to go on a taco tour while I'm at it.

Who are your top influencers (not necessarily musically)?

Anthony Bourdain, Rick Bayless, Jacques Pepin and my brother John Mark are just a few that influenced my food and travel bug. Jim Carrey, Martin Short and Dana Carvey have shaped how I use comedy. When it comes to business, I'm influenced more by close friends and family than any large tycoons or CEOs.

Which musical style best describes your personality?

Pop Punk.

Who would write the soundtrack to your life and why?

John Williams. The man has written scores for hundreds of top films and there is a reason why.

First album you bought for yourself?

My first single was 98 Degrees' "I Do," and my first album was "Jesus Freak" by DC Talk. My musical taste has never made sense to me or anyone around me.

If you could change one thing about Chattanooga, what would it be?

I think we need to be more inclusive with racial diversity and not be afraid to get to know people. Chattanooga has an interesting history regarding race and I would like to see more people embrace it. As a city, I would like to see more city-lead discussions on race and reconciliation, a growing diverse food scene, and organizations and businesses hiring people that are different from their "safe hire."

To what cause would you donate the proceeds from your first benefit concert?

We would raise so much money I would have to split it between a few: Bridge Refugee Services, La Paz, East Lake Expression Engine, and tip some bartenders in town extra well.