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Sharpest-dressed men

We've all heard every girl is crazy for a sharp-dressed man, but how do you define that? Black shades and white gloves? A gold watch and diamond ring? Or is it as simple as a clean shirt and new shoes?

Chatter called on the public to help answer that question. We solicited nominations of sharp-dressed men, no matter how they define style, then narrowed down the pool to eight local guys who prove that fashion comes in all kinds of aesthetics.

Hundreds of votes later, these four men, pictured in personal outfits they say best reflect their style, emerged as our Scenic City Style Icons. We got so many votes, in fact, that we decided to showcase the top vote-getters instead of relying on a panel of judges for some of our picks.

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Bailey Lenoir, 23

UTC senior majoring in communications

Style to me is self-expression.

I would define my style as simple and classic.

My style icon is Travis Kelce.

My go-to outfit is anything with denim because it goes great with many different outfits.

My style advice is be yourself, and wear what makes you feel confident.


George Thomas, 56

Retired TVA engineer

Style to me is always present but matures with age.

I would define my style as a smash-up of Ebony and Esquire Magazine.

My style inspiration is retro Motown.

My go-to outfit is a sports jacket and jeans, because it's the best of casual/dress in one outfit.

My style advice is keep it simple but still be unique.


C. Mark Warren, 59

Trial lawyer

Style to me is personal.

I would define my style as colorful.

My style inspiration is mood.

My go-to outfit is searsucker because it is the essence of a Southern trial lawyer.

My style advice is be true.


Charles Gibson, 35

Erlanger manager of patient transport

Style to me is the highest form of individuality. I'm a man of as few words as possible, so I want my appearance to speak for itself.

I would define my style as a new school remix to the classic man.

My style icon is Iris Apfel, mainly because of her ability to showcase accessories so well. Even with her outfits being so busy, it still looks so good. It just makes you want to converse with her. I love to incorporate vintage items with the new school look.

My favorite outfit, oddly, is really just a new pair of sweatpants or shorts and a V-neck because I just love how comfy they are.

My style advice don't be afraid to mix textures and patterns. Everything doesn't have to always be matchy, matchy.