Contributed photo by Alice Marrin of Lookout Lavender / Lookout Lavender offers u-pick days for a few weeks in mid-June.

If you've ever dreamed of frolicking through fields of flowers, you're in luck. The Chattanooga area is home to several flower farms that open their gates to the public on select days for u-pick opportunities during harvest season. Bring the whole family to enjoy a unique outdoor activity and some of the best photo ops around.



Lookout Lavender

1039 N. Moore Road, Rising Fawn, Ga. | 706-993-1145 |

The 55-acre Lookout Mountain farm holds u-pick days for lavender a few weeks in mid-June, typically Tuesday through Saturday, with several rain days scheduled as well as one evening pick. Visitors are given a pair of scissors to snip the blooms, and pay a flat fee ($7 last year) to cut as much lavender as will fit inside the shears' thumbhole, which is about 1 inch in diameter. The property has 1,000 plants, which were planted in 2017, says owner Alice Marrin.

The farm also holds u-picks for its blueberries in July, as well as photography days and lavender-related classes in August and September.

The farm experience includes access to the on-site shop, which is open seasonally and offers an assortment of handmade lavender-based products such as essential oil, soaps, lotions and linen spray.

Check Lookout Lavender's Facebook and Instagram closer to harvest season for exact u-pick dates.

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Flower picking


Joli Jardin

280 Walden Farms, Signal Mountain | Email |

This is the first year Joli Jardin is opening its farm, now in its fourth growing season, to the public. Farm days are scheduled for July 11, Sept. 19 and Oct. 17. Visitors will get a tour of the farm's grow room, cooler, hoop houses and greenhouse, and for a flat fee (TBD), guests can fill a jar with their blooms of choice. On the inaugural farm day in July, owner Becca Coleman says they plan to have live music and a few vendors. See below for what's in bloom and when.

Early spring: Anemones, ranunculus, narcissus and hellebores

Summer: Cosmos, foxgloves, snapdragons, scabiosas, lisianthus, zinnias, dahlias, strawflower, celosia and a wide variety of greens

Around town

Can't make it to one of the farm days? You can craft your own bouquet from Joli Jardin's flowers at the mobile Blumenwagen flower truck, which can be found at community events such as Nightfall and also makes appearances at local businesses like Edley's and The Mad Priest.


Smith-Perry Berries

9626 Ooltewah-Georgetown Road | 423-228-0774 |

You can take your pick from Smith-Perry Berries' 34 acres of sunflowers from early to mid-July. Visitors pay a flat fee of $15 to pick as much as they can fit in a 6-by-12-inch bucket. Both the bucket and a knife are provided by the farm, which also hosts u-pick days for strawberries from late April to early June and for pumpkins from late September to early November.

For dates and hours, visit the farm's Facebook page at or its website to sign up for email updates.

Farm owners share favorite tips, blooms

Lookout Lavender owner Alice Marrin
Favorite flower: Lavender, “because of how flexible it is — you can use it for culinary purposes or for its fragrant properties.”

Joli Jardin owner Becca Coleman
Favorite flowers: “Hellebores, because they’re underrated, and the only flower that blooms in the middle of winter; and anemones, because they’re one of the first things to bloom in spring aside from natives and perennials. … And dahlias, because of all of the colors and sizes.”

Arrangement tip: “I think it’s really easy to go for the biggest blooms, but don’t forget greenery and fillers. That’s what makes a bouquet.”