Contributed photo by George Brown / Dawson Wheeler (left) and Clint Powell, are the hosts of Day Fire, a weekly Chattanooga-based podcast dedicated to all things outdoors.

Looking for a podcast to keep you company on your next long drive or walk around the neighborhood? Chattanooga is lucky to have a number of high quality, locally produced podcasts. Here are a few worth checking out.

People of Chattanooga.

Learn more about what's happening in Chattanooga from the mouths of some of the city's most interesting folks. Boasting only five-star reviews on Apple Podcasts, this weekly podcast features host Luke Swab's conversations with such Chattanoogans as environmentalist and middle-school student Cash Daniels, and local musician and Yellow Racket Records owner Ben VanderHart.


Scout On, Chattanooga: The Podcast.

Launched earlier this year, this family-friendly podcast features Scouting alums, community leaders and outdoor experts such as Mayor Tim Kelly and Reflection Riding Executive Director Mark McKnight. Find it on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and SoundCloud.


Chattanooga Works.

After taking a break during the pandemic, the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce's Chattanooga Works podcast is back with new content. Topics planned for this season include businesses giving back to the community and guidance on promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace.


Holistic Navigator with Ed Jones of Nutrition World.

If you talk for any length of time with a Chattanoogan who's into holistic health, chances are good that Nutrition World will come up in the conversation. Nutrition World was one of Chattanooga's first health stores when it was opened in 1979, and it's since become a hub for all things related to holistic health, including providing chiropractic care and hosting lectures and yoga classes in addition to selling vitamins and other nutritional supplements. In his Holistic Navigator podcast, Nutrition World owner and operator Ed Jones talks with experts on a wide assortment of nutrition- and wellness-related topics, such as "How to Have the Perfect Poop," "Overcoming Anxiety the Natural Way" and "The Despicable State of Pet Food."


Chattanooga Drive-in Show.

A Chattanooga radio host for decades, Jeff Styles aims to capture the morning radio audience with his new podcast co-hosted by his former Nooga Radio coworker, Jen Lambert. Posted weekdays at 5 a.m., the hourlong show features special guests, discussions on the day's news topics and segments on local events, music and world news to keep listeners informed and entertained on their morning commute.


Day Fire Podcast.

This podcast covers everything you need to know about the outdoors, from inspiration on where to go next to advice on what gear to pack. Hosted by outdoor businessman Dawson Wheeler and local talk show host Clint Powell, each week the two sit down with some of the most unique personalities across the country to talk business, adventure, trip reports, conservation and more.