Collaborative efforts support Hamilton Place boom

Collaborative efforts support Hamilton Place boom

March 23rd, 2011 by Mallorie Ann Ingram in Community Ooltewahcollegedale

Despite tough economic times across the nation, Chattanooga's business boom is still volleying loudly, especially in the Hamilton Place area. The Brainerd/East Brainerd Chamber Council is working with other area groups to continue to amplify the level of jobs, quality of life and play in that part of town.

"Collaboration is the key word here," said Lanny Witt, president of the Brainerd/East Brainerd Chamber Council and principal of Boyd-Buchanan School. "The main focus is bringing the community together to brainstorm."

He and other members of his Chamber Council are developing strategic plans to target businesses and organizations in the Hamilton Place area.

Although ideas for these plans are not yet concrete, the board expects to have specifics to share with the public this spring.

"The board has realized that there are many groups in the East Brainerd area which have the same goals in mind," said Tammy Loper, president-elect for the Brainerd/East Brainerd Chamber Council. "We know that joining together will make it so much easier than working as individual groups."

A combined effort is needed from the businesses and restaurants surrounding the mall area to continue the positive growth trend already being experienced there. In addition, concentration is being placed on support from the Friends of East Brainerd organization and Kiwanis Club to help facilitate positive outcomes in the area. More organizations are to come with the planning process.

"We hope to find ways to make the decision makers [of large companies] want to be a part of what we are trying to accomplish," said Loper. "It has been proven what private enterprise has been able to accomplish in the downtown area. We would like to make an impact like that too."

The board meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month at The Car Barn for lunch at noon.

For more information, visit the Brainerd/East Brainerd Council section on Find the Council on Facebook.