Stacy Wilson, Steve Pettyjohn and Joshua Pettyjohn open for Ty Herndon and Anita Cochran at a concert put on by The Hideaway Rock Quarry in August 2015. Herndon and Cochran are returning for the July 16 concert at the venue.

July 16 Concert

The Hideaway Rock Quarry is hosting a memorial concert Saturday, July 16 to honor the lives of the servicemen who perished during the terrorist attack one year ago, with food from Dixie BBQ. The cost of regular entry is $25. VIP costs $37.50 and offers preferred seating, a poster to be signed by the artists and a meet-and-greet with the performers. Proceeds from food and ticket sales will go directly toward the families of the servicemen.

Live music and the outdoors seem like a great combination, but few venues offer the best of both. That's why Betty Bryan opened The Hideaway Rock Quarry, an all-natural location for live events and shows.

She's already hosted two events at her new venue, located on Mowbray Mountain.

A third is planned for July 16 to honor the memory of the five servicemen who lost their lives during the attack on local military installations one year ago. The event features country artists Ty Herndon, Anita Cochran and Tim Bentley, and proceeds will go directly to the families of the fallen servicemen.

Bryan purchased the 47 acres The Hideaway is housed on for personal use back in 2014. Originally, she was only interested in roughly 5-10 acres, plots where a creek ran, but ended up falling in love with the surrounding landscape.

"It was really kind of an accident. There was this big, beautiful creek on the property that I loved, but there was also this rock quarry," Bryan said. "It's not what people think a quarry would look like."

Instead of a sinkhole filled with water, the quarry on her property features several natural rock platforms from where the bluff was blown away with dynamite. Now, Bryan has several "stages" with a unique solid-rock background for live music.

"We're definitely looking to do bigger events here," she said. "Everyone that's attended has commented on how unique and fun it was. It's so different than a usual concert."

The concerts are powered using generators, since there's no electricity on the 47 acres, and Bryan said the darkness and lack of artificial lighting make the view of the night sky incredible.

In addition to live shows, she said she's interested in hosting stargazing events on the property.

Bryan also has access to an authentic 45-RPM jukebox, and wants to host vintage parties and dances.

For more information and inquiries about hosting your own events, contact The Hideaway Rock Quarry at 834-6507. The venue is located at 324 Hideaway Lane.

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