Krish Mohan has made Chattanooga a stop before — and liked what he's seen. "It's a great city with open-minded people," he said.
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David Coulter describes the theme of his storytelling comedy style as ultimately trying to be a better person while thoroughly loathing yourself.

For two years, Hixson-area comedian Jared Nipper has tried to raise the stature of the area's comedy scene, working to turn local pub McHale's Brewhouse into the place to be for both budding newcomers and established comedians from out of state.

The connections he's built are bringing two Washington, D.C., comics to McHale's on Feb. 2. Krish Mohan and David Coulter are making Hixson a stop on their "Southern Insecurities" tour as they wind their way farther south.

Mohan said the region is growing noticeably in the world of comedy.

"It's [Chattanooga] a stop for a lot of touring comedians that are in between Atlanta, Huntsville and Knoxville," he said. "There's a lot of comics that come from those cities to perform in Chattanooga, so it's a bit of an amalgamation of various comedians in the South."

Nipper agrees, and has seen the growth firsthand. When he started performing stand-up two years ago, the only place in the area that catered to comedians was The Comedy Catch in downtown Chattanooga. Lately, though, there have been more venues like McHale's working to expand the comedy scene, he said.

"There are a lot of people living here out in the suburbs," said Nipper. "We shouldn't all have to drive downtown for entertainment."

It was Nipper who invited Mohan and Coulter to Hixson, having met Mohan on his previous tour through the area. It will be Coulter's first stop in the city, although he said he's excited to visit his friend Matt Rogers, who runs Pure Sodaworks downtown.

"I've heard great things about all the scenes in all the places we're going," said Coulter. "I'm excited to visit the Chattanooga area."

The pair describes their comedy as socially conscious commentary, with Coulter leaning toward a storytelling style and Mohan aiming for humanistic comedy. The tour they're on currently focuses on current issues and mental health, Mohan said, and they will hopefully leave the audience thinking and laughing about society.

The show is free, though donations will be accepted.

For more information, contact McHale's Brewhouse at 877-2124, or visit the Chattanooga Now event page at