Community News Local film melds heartbreak into music and dance

Community News Local film melds heartbreak into music and dance

January 24th, 2018 by Carson Cook in Community Metro

In his new work, "Chaos Theory," videographer Josh McCausland tells the story of a faltering relationship through music and dance. Performers include Q Harper and Erika Leeds, in foreground, with McCausland on keyboard in back.


Filmmaker Josh McCausland has transformed his musical diary into a short film premiering Wednesday, Jan. 24 at The Camp House.

McCausland describes "Chaos Theory" as a 35-minute multimedia piece about heartbreak. He composed about 30 minutes of original music for the project and is featured in the film as a silhouetted figure playing keyboard and guitar.

"It covers the ins and outs of a difficult toxic relationship through dance and music," McCausland said.

He said he has been working on "Chaos Theory" for over a year and is excited to see it come together. Most of the music was composed during the events that inspired the story, almost as a way to keep a journal.

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"Music is the way I cathartically learn to deal with things," McCausland said, adding, "The project has totally helped me grow and develop as a person."

Though the story is inspired by his own life, McCausland said he hopes the people who see it will have their own interpretations.

"The project is not about me, it's about a story and a character," he said.

For the film, McCausland collaborated with producer Chad Bullard and choreographer Lauren Overstreet. The film also features dancers Erika Leeds, Jamie Unkrich, Reeve Davis and Q Harper, who portray the main characters — two lovers — and the character's alter-egos.

"You can't tell a story any [other] way like you can with dance. It's just a really beautiful art," said McCausland.

It was interesting to see the way Overstreet interpreted his story, he added. While her choreography is different from what he would have done, she really grasped the story and was easy to work with, McCausland said.

"This project is the closest-to-home project that I've ever created," said McCausland, "the first project I've ever had that's meant this much."

The short film premieres at 7 p.m. The Camp House is at 149 E. M.L. King Blvd.