Pro wrestler Paul Lee is on a mission to put gyms and restaurants all around America, and he's starting in Ringgold.

Lee has been a wrestler for 36 years and has competed in World Champion Wrestling, WWE and USA Wrestling, to name a few. He is now sharing his love of the sport through his recently opened wrestling themed gym, Turnbuckle Fitness.

This 24/7 gym has personal trainers from 1-On-1, state-of-the-art equipment for weightlifters, and classes like Zumba, yoga and boot camp, he said.

"We want our members to see a difference," Lee said, adding, "If anyone ever has a question, there ain't no charge for that."

The gym's motto is "Training Like Champions," though Lee said his gym is for everyone, whether they lift heavy or light.

Membership rates are competitive, said Lee, but when asked which gyms Turnbuckle Fitness would be competing against, he said the biggest competitor wouldn't be external.

"We're harder on ourselves than anybody," Lee said. "We want everything to be perfect for everybody."

He is hoping the number of members will increase into the triple digits by mid-spring and that the local gym will have a sister by next year. Lee wants to franchise Turnbuckle Fitness, and believes the quality equipment and service — and star quality, as professional wrestlers will train for free — will drive people into the gym. With Lee's experience in the sport, he believes professional wrestlers will be able to be seen and be photographed with at Turnbuckle on a regular basis.

"You never know who you're going to see at Turnbuckle Fitness," he said.

Lee is also in the works of opening a bar and grill in the Pigeon Forge area called Turnbuckle Bar and Grille. The restaurant will have a wrestling theme as well. Lee promotes it to be a wrestling style Hooters. He also has plans to franchise this business endeavor.

Most importantly, Lee said he wants Turnbuckle Fitness to be a gym that people are proud to have in their town and that members are proud to call their gym.

"Our number one priority is our reputation, and the only way we get a good reputation is by giving a good product," Lee said.

The gym is at 5833 Hwy. 41 and can be reached at 706-935-8508, or find "Turnbuckle Fitness" on Facebook to learn more.

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