The city of Collegedale is repealing some of its residential building codes to better match those maintained by the state of Tennessee and neighboring Chattanooga.

In January 2019, Collegedale adopted standards set forth by the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code for residential and commercial buildings. The related updates to the city's building codes required all new construction to have additional insulation and tighter ducts to reduce heating and cooling being lost throughout the house.

But since the city's adoption of the 2012 standards, the state has reverted back to 2009 standards, which are easier to maintain and cheaper to install, said Andrew Morkert, the city's buildings and codes director. Based on his two decades of experience, the 2012 standards are more "stringent," he said.

At the city's Nov. 4 board of commissioners meeting, the board approved an ordinance to revert its residential building codes back to the 2009 standards. It's easier for developers to be consistent with the codes they are used to, Morkert said.

Police issues on the agenda

At the Collegedale Commission’s next meeting Nov. 18, the Municipal Technical Advisory Service will share its independent assessment of the city’s Police Department and alleged quota system. The meetings begin at 6 p.m. at Collegedale City Hall, 4910 Swinyar Drive.

The city is keeping the tighter standards from 2012 for commercial properties, with the intention of keeping owners of larger buildings more accountable for their energy usage through the testing required by the updated standards.

The ordinance will be up for a second reading at the board's Nov. 18 meeting.

At the Nov. 4 meeting, the board also voted to allocate an additional $43,750 toward a new greenway through Veterans Memorial Park.

Currently, if the park's greenway users want to stay on the sidewalk, they must either go through the entire course or turn around and double back. With commissioners' unanimous approval, 350 feet of sidewalk will be added to create a shortcut through the park.

In addition to the sidewalk, the city is planning to add benches and signage within the park.

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