Food NV photo / Food NV's pimiento cheeseburger is among the food truck's most popular menu items.

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'Food NV' food truck

One of Seth Tatarinowicz's favorite aspects of owning a food truck is when he catches the moment a customer takes their first bite and gets to watch their face light up.

But the best part of his new business — and his reason for opening it — is that it gives him the ability to tuck his 2- and 3-year-old daughters, Nori and Vivi, into their beds at night.

"I get to be a family man while doing what I love to do," said Tatarinowicz, who's worked in restaurants for two decades.

The Ooltewah resident was sous chef at Bald Headed Bistro and executive chef at Garden Plaza, both located in Cleveland, before opening Food NV last February.

The name refers to the food envy everyone around you will experience when eating Tatarinowicz's food, while also incorporating the first letters of his daughter's names, he said.

Food NV offers a wide variety of options, from a pimiento cheeseburger to barbecue tacos and "tachos," tater tots served nacho style with toppings like smoked chipotle barbecue sauce. The best-seller is the "tossed tots," tater tots tossed in Sriracha aioli.

"We do a lot of different food, but all our food is really good," Tatarinowicz said, explaining that he didn't want to put himself in a box by offering just one type of food.

One reason for that is it gives him a lot of flexibility when it comes to private events, where hosts are trying to accommodate a variety of tastes.

When he's not doing events, he parks the truck at places such as the Chattanooga Market on Sundays, the market at Miller Plaza, festivals and various locations in Cleveland. The schedule is posted Tuesday evenings on the Food NV Facebook page.

For more information call 505-9195, email or visit Find Food NV on social media at or on instagram @nvfoodtruck.

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