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Contributed photo by Tane Hopper / Leah Shugart, left, and Jennie McDaniel, co-owners of 5D Presents, are hosting a healing retreat in LaFayette June 25-27.

A healer for decades, Jennie McDaniel is manifesting her dream of bringing her healing powers to large groups through her new business 5D Presents, which hosts healing retreats in the North Georgia and Chattanooga areas.

Currently living in New Mexico, McDaniel has lived everywhere from Napa, California, to Boulder, Colorado, to Chattanooga. While living in the Scenic City she met Leah Shugart, co-owner of 5D Presents and a North Georgia native.

The two worked together in several massage studios in Chattanooga, where Shugart still lives. While McDaniel was still in the area, they held gatherings in their homes for classes and ceremonies. They envisioned doing something similar on a larger scale, and when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it gave them plenty of time to think about and plan their business.

Their first event was a retreat during the spring solstice, and next up is a retreat in LaFayette June 25-27 during the summer solstice. To be held at a summer camp, the event will feature yoga, guided meditation and a cacao ceremony. For the uninitiated, cacao is a medicinal plant-based drink with a taste similar to chocolate.

"It's quite delicious, and it's really a heart opener," McDaniel said.

Shugart will perform the ceremony and lead other rituals as well, and those areas are where her business partner really shines, said McDaniel, who focuses more on the organizational and public relations aspects of the business.

Other activities during the retreat include a smudge stick workshop and an energy alchemy class, the latter of which will be taught by McDaniel.

There will also be a vegan comedian (he makes jokes about hippies, McDaniel said) and a "mindful rave" to keep participants busy on the shortest night of the year.

"It's going to be really educational and enlightening, but also fun," she said.

The cost is $420 per person, which includes vegetarian meals and summer camp-style accommodations. Groups of three or more receive a discounted rate of $330 per person, and day passes are available for Saturday for $160 per person.

Next up for 5D Presents will be a retreat during Halloween weekend, though details are still being worked out, McDaniel said.

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