Grasshopper at Mountain Oaks Tea Room. (Photo by Mark Gilliland)
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Chapel pie at Mountain Oaks Tea Room. (Photo by Mark Gilliland)

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*Upcoming Events
*There are several special tea events on Mountain Oaks’ calendar. Stay tuned for these tasty occasions:

  • Easter Tea on Sunday, April 1
  • Princess Tea on Sunday, April 15
  • Mother’s Day Tea on Sunday, May 13

The daffodils are blooming and the dogwoods are budding. And Mountain Oaks Tea Room is flourishing, too. Fresh lilies decorate the front foyer. Soft roses top each table. Floral oil paintings line the walls.

Yes, spring is in the air at Mountain Oaks. And on the plate? A taste of Ireland.

While the Scenic City is continuing to blossom this month, Mountain Oaks Tea Room is honoring St. Patty’s Day with new Irish-inspired specials. Throughout March, diners can sample its “chapel pie,” made with hamburger meat, carrots, peas and corn; tossed with special brown sauce; and topped and baked with mashed potatoes.

The dish is the tea room’s take on shepherd’s pie, traditionally made using lamb.

“We always like to change things up a bit,” said owner Sonya Guffey, regarding her decision to use the more familiar flavor of hamburger rather than lamb.

Additionally, Mountain Oaks’ limited-time menu will feature “coddle stew,” a hearty Irish soup made with sausage and potatoes; as well as “grasshoppers,” sweet treats made with chocolate brownie, mint-white chocolate pudding and Andes chocolates.

Between the green of those decadent grasshoppers and the green of fresh foliage, it is a good time to be alive in the Scenic City.

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