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Making space: Balancing real estate and workforce growth

Published Feb. 1 2019

If you spend time in downtown Chattanooga, you've undoubtedly noticed an influx of new apartment buildings, and you've probably noticed...

Velocity2040 launches community visioning journey for Chattanooga, Hamilton County

Published Feb. 1 2019

What do a rock star, community visioning in Chattanooga and images of rocks in space have in common?

Amna Shah: A champion of local, diverse business success

Published Jan. 1 2019

Amna Shah, founder of AHS Consulting, shares her experiences as an immigrant, a business owner and an accomplished professional who...

TerraTal brings artificial intelligence to job recruiting

Published Jan. 1 2019

The headlines are full of news about artificial intelligence, blockchain, virtual reality and other bold, disruptive technologies moving ever closer...

Fillauer celebrates 104 years of innovation

Published Dec. 1 2018

The story of Fillauer Companies, 2018 Spirit of Innovation Award recipient, is really two stories.