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Biggest manufacturers

Nearly 65,000 workers are employed in manufacturing jobs in the metropolitan areas of Chattanooga, Cleveland and Dalton. Although floorcovering, automotive and appliance manufacturers operate the biggest factories and mills, the region boasts a diverse manufacturing base, as evidenced by its biggest manufacturing employers.

Company Products Location Staff size

Shaw Industries Floorcovering Dalton 7,517 employees

Mohawk Industries Floorcovering Dalton 6,015 employees

Beaulieu Group Carpet Dalton 2,056 employees

McKee Foods Snack cakes Collegedale 2,750 employees

Volkswagen Automobiles Chattanooga 2,400 employees

GE Roper Ovens, stoves Lafayette 1,650 employees

Whirlpool Ovens, stoves Cleveland 1,503 employees

Astec Industries Asphalt equipment Chattanooga 1,318 employees

Pilgrim's Pride Poultry processing Chattanooga 1,300 employees

Tandus Commercial floors Dalton 879 employees

Jackson Furniture Furniture Cleveland 800 employees

Chattem Pharmaceuticals Chattanooga 750 employees

Engineeerd Floors Floorcovering Dalton 750 employees

Koch Foods Poultry processing Chattanooga 600 employees

Chattanooga Coca-cola

Bottling Company Soft drink bottling Chattanooga 536 employees

Sources: Major employer list by Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce, Dalton-Whitfield County Chamber of Commerce, Cleveland-Bradley County Chamber of Commerce.