EDGE Smartphone apps promise to improve your posture

EDGE Smartphone apps promise to improve your posture

October 1st, 2017 by Tim Omarzu in EDGE

"Stand up straight!"

If your posture is a problem and your mom's not around to correct it — don't worry, there's a smartphone app for that.

One of them is Lumo Lift, a roughly $100 smartphone-pairable device that describes itself as "a tiny posture coach and activity tracker."

You download the app, place a sensor that has a magnetic clasp under your shirt, record your best posture and then — when you slouch — get a vibration that alerts you it's time to straighten up.

Lumo Lift

Lumo Lift

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Upright Go

Upright Go

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Good posture will help you feel and look better, improve your confidence and help you avoid neck and back pain, Lumo Lift promises.

Upright Go is another posture-correcting device that costs about $100. It bills itself as the "effortless way to correct your 'screen-slouch.'"

While at your desk, you place the app's matchbook-sized sensor on your upper back. It vibrates when you slouch, and the app tracks the percentage of time you spent slouched versus sitting upright. Upright Go's slogan is "we got your back!" and promises "just two weeks to a new, confident, healthier you."

If you're not ready to plunk down $100, there are less expensive — or even free — alternatives.

For example, PostureCorrection is a free Android app that gives an alarm when your back tilts more than a certain value after you put your smartphone in a shirt pocket.

Forced Stretching is a free app that reminds you to stretch once a day to avoid a "forward head posture" — and sends a "scary picture" to your phone if you don't finish stretching after your phone's alarm tells you it's time to exercise.

Back pain will hit 80 percent of the population at some time, some experts say, and smartphones have hunched us over — so perhaps it's fitting they can do a little digital nagging to get us sitting and standing straight again.