Ember offers a black matte travel mug for about $150.
some text Ember offers a ceramic mug for $80.

Working in an office and drinking coffee go together.

Sadness reigns inside the cubicle, though, when a cup of Joe gets too cold to enjoy. Or when it's so hot that it scalds your mouth.

Enter a new, high-tech solution: the "smart mug."

It's a cup with a built-in heater that recharges wirelessly and pairs with your smart phone via Bluetooth.

It offers advantages over two long-time, low-tech devices: the well-insulated stainless-steel mug and the classic mug warmer, a simple hot plate that plugs in to a wall outlet.

Smart mugs made by Los Angeles–based Ember Technologies have the ability to quickly cool scalding-hot coffee and then keep it at the perfect temperature until the last drop.

With an Ember smart mug, you can save different pre-set temperatures for different types of drinks. For example, you might like your latte warmer than your tea.

You also can set your phone to vibrate when the beverage inside the smart mug is at the perfect temperature.

some text Ember offers a black matte travel mug for $150.

Like Goldilocks finding the perfect porridge, smart mug makers may be onto something that's "just right."

Starbucks online store quickly sold out of Ember mugs when it introduced them in 2017.

Ember offers a traditional-looking ceramic white coffee cup for about $80 to $100 and a black matte travel mug for about $150.