EDGE Lookouts mascot takes shots at Jay Greeson in hilarious Q&A

EDGE Lookouts mascot takes shots at Jay Greeson in hilarious Q&A

Chattanooga Lookouts mascot Looie the Lookout adds fan fun to baseball games

May 1st, 2018 by Jay Greeson in EDGE

Peter Harrison, right, watches his son Simon "fist-bump" mascot Looie during the Chattanooga Lookouts Fanfest fan appreciation day at AT&T Field March 17, 2018.

Photo by Doug Strickland /Times Free Press.

As baseball season looms, the face of the Chattanooga Lookouts — Looie the Lookout — was kind enough to take a moment from his jam-packed schedule in preparation for the season to spend some time with writer Jay Greeson for Edge magazine.

As most Chattanoogans and all Lookouts fans know, Looie is famously, shall we say, tight-lipped so he wrote his answers to the following questions on Sunday, April 1. Dressed in his game-day attire, the Lookouts' Director of Fun held little back.

Greeson: Looie thanks for the time, sir. How are you and how was the offseason.

Looie: I'm fine, thanks. It feels like each passing year the offseason gets shorter and shorter. And that's a good thing because that means I get back to the ballpark much sooner. How about you? I've seen you and your family at a lot of games. Man, you really married up, Greeson. And your kids are really nice they must take after The Mrs.

Greeson: Thanks. I think. You have been a fixture at Lookouts games since the days of Engel Stadium. If I said you were the "face of the organization" do you think that is fair?

Looie: Sure, that's fair. And yes, being the face of a team like this — a team that has two titles in three years — is a thrill. It's an honor, really, and one that I will never take lightly.

Greeson: How did you know this was the job for you?

Looie: Good question, Greeson. Maybe you're not as bad as (Lookouts general manager Rich) Mozingo said. Being born with an absurdly large head and fluffy red fur was tough in school. But it has been a perfect fit for me here. Plus the odd spelling of my first name — Looie, with the double 'o' — was perfect for the signature Lookouts eyes on my jersey.

Greeson: Some things are just meant to be, I guess. Can you tell us about your relationship with Loouise the Lookout?

Looie: Next question. I thought this was for Edge, not the National Enquirer. C'mon man, be better than that.

Greeson: Fair enough. Who are some of your idols in the mascot business?

Looie: Well, the Chicken is really the Michael Jordan of our business. He's amazingly talented, but he has no sense of humor.

Greeson: Really?

Looie: Yeah, he could never take a yolk.

(long pause)

Looie: Don't you get it?

Greeson: Sadly, I got it. I didn't want to egg you on.

Looie: Hey man, leave the performance to the professionals. Where was I? The Chicken was great. Made a fortune, too. The Phillie Phanatic is an all-timer, too. Of course, my coworkers are all excellent.

Greeson: With all the success the Lookouts have had and all the talent that has come through town in recent years, are you a little disappointed that you have not been promoted to the majors?

Looie: The Show is a young mascot's game these days. I've settled in. I like it here. I like who I work with. Sure it would have been nice to get "the call." But the other side of that coin is all the enjoyment and high-fives and autographs I share with all the kids. Yes, the Chicken made a million bucks, but I get paid in smiles.

Greeson: That's awesome, Looie. Really. One more question: Do you think if you had ever won a race around the bases against the kids you could have made it to the big leagues?

Looie: Well, I've seen some pictures of you big boy, and anytime you want to try your luck, I'm ready to roll, big guy. And know this: There are some really quick kids in Chattanooga. You'd be surprised. Plus, let's see you spend hours working — all day mind you on your size 32 feet — and get called to the field against some whippersnapper who is jacked-up on Cokes and Cracker Jacks and ready to roll. Believe me, it's no run in the park.

Greeson: Looie, thanks for the time. I know there's a long season ahead, is there anything you want to add?

Looie: You bet. Tell both your readers to make sure they come by and say hello when they come to the park. Let's go Lookouts!