* The brand: Jalic Blades

* Company: Jalic Inc. (an acronym for Just a Little Internet Company)

* Location: 2011 Dayton Boulevard in Red Bank

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Jalic Blades' Stark Shield with swords.

* History: The company was launched in 20003 by Chris Beasley in his East Lansing, Michigan apartment, with a $1,200 investment to begin selling medieval swords popularized in the books written by George R.R. Martin. In 2006, Beasley was able to get the license to manufacture such swords from Martin before HBO optioned his books for the Games of Thrones TV series. Beasley moved to Chattanooga in 2015, where his wife Marie is a child psychiatrist, to be closer to where the swords are made for the company.

* Products: Jalic makes and sells 25 different products, including an array of Valyrian steel swords, CB swords and armor and Hobbit swords. The best seller is Longclaw, Sword of Jon Snow. Jalic has sold nearly 20,000 of those units. Beasley expects to sell another 5,000 units by 2019. In addition to the Games of Thrones swords, Jalic makes Excalibur swords from the 2018 Warner Brothers film.

"HBO has had up to five spin-offs in the works, one is moving to pilot filming already, and George has more books still to publish in this world," Beasley says. "So hopefully that all provides business longevity."

* Prices: Most of the swords sell from between $200 and $300 each.

* Website:

* Personal: Beasley and his wife have two children and recently completed construction of their castle home on Raccoon Mountain.

* Related business: At his Red Bank business, Beasley also has opened a children's bounce park for ages 11 and under, known as Red Bank Bounce.