Staff photo by Tim Barber/ At LearningRx, Gerri Holstine, right, works with Seth Reinig at one of several learning stations inside the brain training business.

Over the course of the past decade, the local LearningRx team has overcome a number of obstacles, including educating people on what brain training is, exactly, and distinguishing this process from traditional forms of tutoring.

"That's the biggest misconception most people have of us; we are not tutoring," LearningRx Executive Director Michelle Hecker-Davis says. "We don't reteach content the same way you'd see in school. We're focused on brain training to change your ability to learn."

The center, one of 65 franchised across the country, offers a wide variety of personalized training programs, all of which are aimed at strengthening cognitive skills essential to learning, thinking, logic, and attention. Each client begins their experience with a test, and the results of this examination recommend to the staff which one of nine programs will best suit their client's needs.

Participants in these uniquely adapted programs, such as ThinkRx, ReadRx, MathRx, and StudyRx, work one-on-one with trainers for the duration of their experience, which can range from three to eight months.

The length of the course depends on the hourly recommendation provided by the initial test. Although clients are typically placed in a 36-hour course, more intensive offerings are available.

According to LearningRx internal research, 69 percent of incoming participants have a prior diagnosis like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, dyslexia or autism, but the remaining 31 percent are focused on general improvements to their cognitive capabilities.

In addition to their more targeted curriculum, the LearningRx team provides generalized courses for people of all ages and backgrounds.

"On top of helping children that are not able to focus in the classroom, we also have doctors and presidents of companies that we've trained that just want to focus better or improve their memory," Hecker Davis says. "I want to stress that we have something here that can benefit everyone."

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Following the conclusion of each program, clients take a final test that provides LearningRx with a benchmark for evaluating the program's success.

LearningRx prides itself on being data-driven in its approach to improving both their internal training methods as well as the field of brain training in general, Hecker Davis says.

The benefits of the programs range from success in improving cognitive skills, basic reading skills, and IQ scores to some participants who use attention deficit hyperactivity disorder medication either lowering their dosage or ending their usage entirely after graduating from the program, she says.

The LearningRx team attributes these achievements to the staff's dedication to providing fundamental cognitive improvements to their clients on an individual level coupled with their commitment to constantly improving their methods.

"Our team of trainers is incredible, and they're a big part of changing our clients' lives," Hecker Davis says. "We're all very passionate about what we do."


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