Jody Jones helps his daughter Kalle, 6, shoot a rubber band gun at the Fun Guns booth at the Strawberry Festival in Dayton, Tenn. The booth allowed customers to try out a variety of rubber band guns before making a purchase.

Location: Rhea County

Size: 7.65 square miles

Population (2013 census estimate): 7,397

County population (2013 census, estimate): 32,513

Year founded: 1820 as Smith's Crossroads. Renamed Dayton in 1877.

Mayor: Gary Louallen. Type of government: City council/manager. The council has four members plus the mayor.

Schools: Dayton City School (grades K-8). Bryan College

New Facilities: An expansion/lease deal was recently approved for furniture manufacturer La-Z-Boy.

Wellness: Walking tracks at Delaware Complex and Point Park

Environmental: Curbside recycling program launched in 2014.

Traditions: Farm vendors around the courthouse square.

Attractions: MainStreet Spring Fling, April 18, 2015. 68th annual Tennessee Strawberry Festival 2015 is May 8-9. Museum of the Scopes Trial at Rhea County Courthouse. Bryan College History Museum. Scopes Festival July 17-19 and 25-26, featuring the play, "Front Page News."Pumpkin Fest, Oct. 30 31. Christmas at the Courthouse/Horse and Carriage Parade, Dec. 5.

Famous event: 1925 John Scopes trial.

Fun facts: Denny Zonnas remains the city's longest-serving fire chief, appointed to the post in 1929 and retiring in 1959. Independent film "Jesus Fish" was filmed in Dayton.

Famous landmarks: Rhea County Courthouse, Bryan College

Famous residents: Joseph Aloysius Durick, Roman Catholic bishop and civil rights advocate; John T. Scopes, "Monkey Trial" defendant.

"It's a good place to live. Dayton has good people and a good community." -- Thomas Solomon, city recorder and lifelong resident