Chattanooga: A List-Topper

Chattanooga: A List-Topper

June 2nd, 2016 by Jennifer Bordoner in FYI - 2015

Chattanoogans have long known we were part of something special. Now, the word is getting out. Here are some of the ways Chattanooga has been recognized as "the best."

No. 1: The 16 Best Places to Live in the U.S. Outside magazine

No. 1: Most Bible-Minded Cities in America American Bible Society

No. 2: Best Mid-Sized City Arts Destination American Style magazine

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"Chattanooga just keeps getting better and better," and "Chattanooga now shines as one of the most family-friendly, outdoorsy spots in the South" Southern Living magazine

"There's so much to discover in Chattanooga, a city that enchants with its heady mix of the charmingly nostalgic and the thrillingly new" Atlanta magazine

Chattanooga's 1 of the "South's New Adventure Mecca's" and 1 of the "50 Great American Places" Men's Journal magazine

"A model or urban renewal, Tennessee's mountain hideout never misses a chance to reinvent itself!" Garden & Gun magazine

"Chattanooga offers just the right blend of family-friendly fun and adult-approved sophistication" Points North magazine

Chattanooga is one of the "10 best U.S. cities to retire in for less than $75 a day" U.S. News & World Report

Chattanooga is a scenic city full of Southern personality, offers several surprises," and is a "fine place to sample Southern cooking" Boston Globe

Chattanooga is "one of six cities worldwide that work at creating great urban experiences" U.S. News and World Report

"Not too small and not too big, Chattanooga is really the undiscovered gem of Tennessee" The New York Times

"The Chattanooga Film Fest could one day surpass Sundance" Southern Living magazine