Welcome to the world of micro campers, where cozy, towable trailers weigh less than 1,500 pounds — meaning you can haul them with almost any car.

The trend toward versatility doesn't just have campers becoming more compact. They are also becoming ultralight as manufacturers replace steel with aluminum and fiberglass, and bulky appliances with compact propane-powered ones.

So, if you've always dreamed of owning a camper, maybe it's finally time to install that trailer hitch on your Honda Civic. Here are the specs on five of our favorite campers that can be hauled with almost any 4-cylinder.

Micro vs. Macro

To put micro campers into context, the best-selling camper trailer in North America is the Jayco Jay Flight, which measures 23 feet long and weighs 3,915 pounds — more than what most midsize SUVs can haul.



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Built to order in Colorado, the Vintage Overland Great Escape trailer can be towed by almost any 4-cylinder vehicle. / Photo by Tom Fowlks

Vintage Overland Great Escape

Price: $15,000

Sleeps: 2

Cabin size: 8 feet long, 4 feet wide, 6 feet tall

Total length (including tongue): 12 feet

Dry weight*:750 pounds

*Dry weight refers to the weight of the trailer with no cargo in it.

Standard features include a memory foam mattress, solar panel and Goal Zero generator.

Why we love it: Handcrafted in Colorado, this ruggedly handsome teardrop trailer blends form and function. It's back hatch offers storage space separate from the cabin, or can be used as a kitchenette or prep station. And, its sport torsion axles and larger, off-road tires are built to handle the bumpiest of back roads.



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Manufactured in Sylvan, North Carolina, the ultra-lite camper takes tent camping to a whole new level./ Photo courtesy of SylvanSport

SylvanSport GO

Price: Starting at $8,995

Sleeps: 4

Cabin size: 154 inches long, 124 inches wide, 105 inches tall

Total length (including tongue): 17 feet

Dry weight: 840 pounds

Standard features include cast aluminum wheels and Dexter Torsion Axles, designed to give the lightweight trailer a more controllable ride.

Why we love it: The editors of National Geographic Adventure magazine called this folding pop-up camper the "Coolest. Camper. Ever." Constructed out of heavy-duty ripstop nylon fabric — three times stronger than traditional tents — and completely waterproof, the camper's interior can be configured six different ways to include a dining area, storage space or additional sleeping.

Oh, and it's made next door in Sylvan, North Carolina.



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The compact Tiger Moth boasts a surprising amount of cleverly designed storage space./ Photo contributed by TAXA Outdoors

Taxa Outdoors Tiger Moth

Price: $12,900

Sleeps: 2

Cabin size: 8 feet long, 5 feet wide, 4.5 feet tall

Total length (including tongue): 12 feet

Dry weight: 1,360 pounds

Standard features include a queen-size bed, all-terrain tires and a fresh-water tank.

Why we love it: For all its compactness, the Tiger Moth boasts a surprising amount of storage. The NASA-inspired interior features attachment points, hooks and bungees, plus additional cargo capacity beneath the bed — which can be converted into a couch. Moreover, its large swing-up hatch door doubles as a roof to sit under.




Happier Camper HC1

Price: $24,950

Sleeps: Up to 5

Cabin size: 10 feet long, 6.5 feet wide, 6 feet tall

Total length (including tongue): 13 feet

Dry weight: 1,100 pounds

Standard features include large rear hatch door, weather-resistant fabrics and a 100-watt solar panel.

Why we love it: This retro-modern camper is as eye-catching as it is customizable. The interior fiberglass shell features an Adaptiv floor grid with six standard movable cubes that lock into the floor like Legos. The modular design lets you easily create different layouts. The HC1 is also available in a variety of colors, including Pacific Blue, Bishop Red, Topango Turquoise and Mojave Sage.



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Available later this year, Little Guy's newest lightweight trailer features all the coziness of your living room, complete with an entertainment center. / Photo courtesy of Little Guy Trailers

Little Guy Trailers MyPod

Price: Not set

Sleeps: Up to 2

Cabin size: 6.5 feet long, 5 feet wide, 3 feet tall

Total length (including tongue): 11.5 feet

Dry weight: 640 pounds

Standard features include an entertainment center, three-speed fan, installed A/C and a full-size mattress.

Why we love it: The MyPod may be the most compact on our list, but it still doesn't skimp on comfort. Just large enough to fit a full-size bed, its standard features easily take it from "camper" to "glamper." Brand-spanking-new, MyPod will be available on the market later this year.

Average towing capacities

Sedan (or small, five-person vehicle): 1,750 pounds

Midsize SUV: 3,700 pounds

Full-size SUV: 7,200 pounds

Half-ton trucks: 8,500 pounds

One-ton trucks: 24,000 pounds

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