Meet Crisler Torrence, the head guide of Rock/Creek Adventures, a new comprehensive guide service designed to help more Chattanoogans get outside. (Photo contributed by Rock/Creek)

Meet the Guide: Crisler Torrence

While most folks can only dream of being paid to play outside, Crisler Torrence has actually managed to turn it into a career. Two days after graduating high school, Crisler followed his love of adventure to Tennessee to work as an Ocoee raft guide. Fast-forward two decades and he’s led commercial hiking, biking and paddling trips all over the country, adding botanist and Wilderness First Responder to his resumé along the way. As Head Guide at Rock/Creek Adventures, Crisler is stoked to share his know-how and his passion, and to show how much Chattanooga’s backyard has to offer in every season.

For 33 years, Rock/Creek has been helping you find the right gear for your outdoor needs. Starting this year, the outdoor retailer wants to take you outside to use it.

Rock/Creek Adventures is a comprehensive guide service for exploring the natural playground that surrounds us here in Chattanooga. Each adventure is carefully designed to be educational and beginner-friendly, and to showcase the very best of Chattanooga's outdoors.

Here are the trips currently available:

Heart of the City Bike Tour

Ride through Chattanooga's iconic landmarks and spend time experiencing the best urban aspects of the Scenic City. Emphasis on history, art and river ecology.

Duration: ~2 hours

Experience: Beginner

Heart of the City Paddle Tour

Get up close and personal with the water while paddling around the city's lifeblood, the Tennessee River. Emphasis on history, geology, river ecology and bird watching.

Duration: ~2.5 hours

Experience: Beginner

Hike and Hydrology Tour

This easy walk in the woods features big views, towering trees and a close look at one of the area's most unusual water-moving methods.

Duration: ~3 hours

Experience: Beginner

Lula Lake Hiking Excursion

Stroll past huge trees, along towering bluffs, and down to the base of a 70 foot tall waterfall; features access that is not available to the general public.

Duration: ~3.5 hours

Experience: Intermediate

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