Tennessee holds endless options for a trip

Tennessee holds endless options for a trip

August 27th, 2017 by Gabrielle Chevalier in Glimpse 2016

Hidden culinary gems tucked away in tiny mountaintop towns; picturesque plains with a rich history; and valleys vibrant with outdoor recreation. These are just some of the draws that characterize much of the cities contained within these pages.

Though attractions like Dollywood, the Country Music Hall of Fame or the famed Ocoee River might be at the tip of your tongue when considering outings across the state, a plethora of other incredible options await, as well.

And though the Great Smoky Mountains are known for their beauty and tourist appeal, many other worthwhile hikes to waterfalls and vistas across the state are equally awe-inspiring. Monteagle's Fiery Gizzard Trail, for instance, offers roughly 12.5 miles of one-way trail, complete with a creek to swim in, cascading waterfalls, rocky gorges and, of course, panoramic and picture-perfect views.

For those who aren't looking for a nature escape, there are classic and characteristic festivals galore. Dayton's Strawberry Festival, for example, combines a springtime celebration with a history lesson on the importance of the famous Scopes Trial in 1925.

A bit farther away, in Cookeville, you'll find both small-town charm and the natural beauty of Cummins Falls State Park, where fishing, hiking and swimming are a must.

In industrial and farm towns like Adams in Robertson County, those looking for a good scare and a good story can find the Bell Witch Cave, where, legend has it, members of the Bell family who first settled there in the 18th century were tormented by an evil sorceress. As the story goes, family members began spotting strange looking animals around their 320-acre property and hearing sounds that seemed like chains being drug through the house or rats scratching and gnawing bed posts; even choking sounds.

From spooky hauntings to scenic natural views, southeastern Tennessee has it all. No matter what direction you're looking to go, there's a city nearby with just what you're looking for.