InShape MD's no-fail formula for weight loss

InShape MD's no-fail formula for weight loss

Weight-loss guarantee offered

June 6th, 2012 by BY HANNAH CAMPBELL in Health Experts
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InShape MD owner Jack Silberman explains weight loss and anti-aging therapy to a client.

A bikini body can still be had by August with InShape MD's 51-day Countdown Diet program, by far the medical clinic's hottest product.

In fact, InShape MD's Chattanooga office has a proven success system.

"We are positive you will lose 20 pounds, or it's free," said owner Jack Silberman.

With InShape MD's one year guarantee, if a patient gains back 10 pounds or more in a year, he or she may go back through the program at no charge.

InShape MD's weight loss clinic specializes in two areas - weight loss and anti aging.

"We don't try to do a lot of things mediocre," Silberman said. "We try to do a few things great.

Silberman added that he is a true believer in the Countdown Diet's human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) injections - a hormone that makes the body burn 2,000 to 4,000 calories a day without exercise.

Silberman has spent 30 years in the fitness industry. He's served as a health and physical education supervisor in Hamilton County schools and has bachelor's and master's degrees in physical education and health, plus a master's in administration and supervision.

Silberman said the body has three kinds of fat: one for energy, one to protect organs and, finally, that pesky, flabby fat called "abnormal" fat in the hips, waist and stomach.

"That's what the HCG feeds off of," he said.

Owner Jack Silberman takes a client's measurements. In-Shape MD offers a weight loss guarantee.

Owner Jack Silberman takes a client's measurements. In-Shape...

The first month of the Countdown Diet is dedicated to losing weight; the second to recreating a new set point by introducing more calories and bringing fitness back in. After this stabilizing process, Silberman said, the body resets itself and locks in at the new weight.

Patients can repeat the two-month process to lose more weight.


Silberman says Countdown Diet participants eat five times a day, but they eat only the "best food:" fruits, vegetables, chicken, fish and salad.

"The diet has to be strict so the HCG will continue to feed off the abnormal fat," he says.

Here's a sample day's diet:

• Breakfast - 1 cup of strawberries

• Snack - Half an apple

• Lunch - Grilled chicken and a salad

• Snack - Half an apple

• Dinner - Grilled fish and broccoli

Patients work with a doctor, nurse practitioners, medical assistants, weight loss coaches and personal trainers to tailor a diet and exercise program during the Countdown Diet.

Weight loss coach Sylvia J. Greene, who lost 60 pounds with the program, is available by phone, text, email or in person to guide her clients through the process.

"She really is a great asset to the company," Silberman said. "It really gives them a personal support system all the way through."


But killer curves are nothing without the energy to enjoy them, and InShapeMD also offers MyT, a testosterone boost for men and women that Silberman said takes away 10 years off a patient's appearance in a flash.

Men whose testosterone drops as they age past 35 years old experience more fatigue, less energy, less sex drive and more body fat, according to Silberman.

"Why feel bad?" he asked.

He said there is a very wide range of normal testosterone levels, and patients who have low levels may be considered normal but still suffer the unhappy effects.

That's where InShape MD comes in. "All we want to d is make people feel younger and more alive," he said.

The Chattanooga clinic is now offering a special price on men's testosterone blood work. It's $29.99 for the initial test to see if a patient does have low levels of testosterone.


InShape MD is located at 6231 Perimeter Drive, Suite 113 in East Brainerd. For more information call 475- 5088 or visit

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