CBD products and shops are flooding the Chattanooga area — and it can be tough to distinguish products and sellers, let alone determine the best product to meet your needs. If you're interested in trying CBD products, Grass Roots Health offers the full spectrum of services and shop amenities to guide you through the CBD purchasing process.

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"CBD is very popular and trendy right now. It's crucial to seek out accurate information about CBD products," says Elisha Millan, owner of Grass Roots Health, a specialty shop with locations in downtown Chattanooga and Fort Oglethorpe. "Our staff provides information from legitimate sources to our customers. We have an in-depth knowledge of the products we sell, which is important when making a purchase."

First, it's important to understand what CBD is — CBD is short for "cannabidiol," one of more than 60 natural chemical compounds found in the hemp plant. Unlike THC, which makes a cannabis user feel "high," CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning it doesn't cause a high.

"CBD is widely recognized for its medicinal benefits, which may include the reduction of pain and inflammation, as well as anxiety and stress," Millan says.

Experienced sales associates

If you're new to CBD or unfamiliar with its health benefits, you may be unsure of what to look for, or you may be worried about the stigma associated with purchasing a hemp product.

Grass Roots Health employs college graduate-level sales associates who bring years of experience in the industry. Many have traveled with Grass Roots to receive certifications and extensive training that enable them to provide concierge-level service.

"Our sales associates ask relevant questions to help customers find the right solution," Millan says. "It's different for each person. We offer private consultations so customers can discuss their concerns or questions in private."

Customers have a one-on-one conversation in-store or over the phone to help navigate the store's products. With more than 200 different items, ranging from muscle rubs to oils and tinctures, customers benefit from guidance by knowledgeable associates.

Depth of products

The extensive inventory at Grass Roots means associates can curate a variety of solutions to meet customers' unique needs and preferences. Products range from topical ointments, salves, and oils to edibles and hemp flower. Associates make recommendations based on the particular issue the customer is looking to solve, as well as how they would prefer to use a hemp product.

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"We travel extensively to find the best products available worldwide," Millan says.

Products range from those with locally sourced ingredients to products from the UK, each with its specific benefits. Grass Roots isn't limited to one product source, ensuring that customers have access to the full range of products "from A to Z." Sales associates work with customers to determine the best delivery method of CBD products.

Convenient service

With two locations in the Chattanooga region, Grass Roots' expertise and range of CBD products are easily accessible to those in Chattanooga and North Georgia. The original location in downtown Chattanooga on Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard offers free parking and curbside pickup. The Fort Oglethorpe location on Battlefield Parkway is easily accessible and also offers curbside pickup. Similarly, customers can order over the phone or online from the Grass Roots website.

"In all that we do, our goals are to educate our customers and to make it easy for them to access our products," Millan says. "Curbside pickup, one-on-one consultations, and online orders are just a few ways we are working to achieve those goals."

Learn more about CBD, our products and both locations at, or call (423) 713-9229 to schedule your private consultation.



"In all that we do, our goals are to educate our customers and to make it easy for them to access our products." Elisha Millan


To learn more, contact Grass Roots Health at or call 423-713-9229