Continuing education can create an edge

Continuing education can create an edge

November 11th, 2012 by ARAContent in Jobs

A volatile economy and tough job market have revived American workers' interest in continuing education. Now more than ever, adults are returning to educational environments to advance their skills, training and knowledge.

"Continuing education generally refers to any type of post-secondary education for the purpose of keeping current with changes in a particular field of study or for preparation to obtain a certification," says Dr. Marianne Greenfield, a program chair at Argosy University, Atlanta. "Some professions require that you earn continuing education credits in order to maintain a license. The goal of continuing education is to offer adults who already possess a college or university degree further opportunity for learning without having to enroll in a degree program."

"Now more than ever it's important for employees and professionals to keep up with all the latest skills and relevant knowledge necessary to compete in today's workforce," says Dr. George Spagnola, chair of the College of Education at Argosy University, Sarasota. "While a traditional education is necessary in today's workforce, it is also a cornerstone upon which one can build a better future through continuing education."

And obtaining continuing education is more convenient for learners.

"Advances in technology have made continuing education more accessible," says Spagnola. "Options are available to pursue continuing education online, at a physical location or in a combination of both."

Given the number of people raising families and working, that flexibility of education can be key to continuing education success. Look for an institution or provider that can meet your educational needs while still allowing you to meet your personal and professional obligations.