Future career paths for high school grads

Future career paths for high school grads

April 14th, 2013 in Jobs

High school seniors nationwide are preparing to graduate, receiving college acceptance letters and possibly enrolling in a college or university. The challenging economy has made many of these young adults acutely aware of the important role their degree can play when they face commencement once again, this time entering the job market.

Some schools offer degree programs that address the skills required to enter fast-growing fields, such as cyber security, cloud computing, health care and accounting - U.S. News & World Report included accounting in its ranking of 25 Best Jobs in 2012. This strong connection to a promising career path can be attractive to prospective students.

Careers in technology are growing up to three times faster than other fields. For students interested in pursuing employment in this thriving industry, ComputerWorld recently outlined the "10 hot IT skills for 2013." Cloud computing was among the most coveted skills. Though relatively unfamiliar to the average consumer, this data management knowledge drives the services that support many of today's businesses.

Similarly, cyber security professionals will play an integral role in keeping information safe as the majority of companies' assets move online. According to Today's Engineer, the monthly Web publication of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the cyber security field is growing "in leaps and bounds."

Employment in health care fields is also on the rise. An aging population of baby boomers and expanded access to health care has placed growing pressure on the health care industry to add workers in fields ranging from health information systems and biomedical engineering technology to nursing and ambulatory care.

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