I Love My Job: at TVA

I Love My Job: at TVA

June 7th, 2009 in Jobsilove

As a native Chattanoogan and recent graduate of Auburn University, I feel extremely blessed to have found my first job doing something I love, in a place that I love.

After graduating college in August of last year with a degree in Human Resources Management, I was given the chance to become an employee of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). I was offered a position as a member of the TVA's New Hire Team with the Shared Resources group that is part of the Human Resources organization. As a member of TVA's New Hire team, I am accountable for ensuring interviews are scheduled, job offers are extended and coordinating New Employee Orientation. Some of my responsibilities include arranging travel arrangements for interview candidates, processing background investigations, and scheduling pre-employment exams.

At my first job since graduating from college, I could not have asked for a better group of people to work with. Everyone at TVA is so helpful and encouraging, and I have already made many lifelong friends. I love my job, because I am surrounded by a group of people who care about each other and the work that we do. We truly are TVA's New Hire "Team". As a team we work together to improve each member's skills and abilities and constantly work to enhance our efforts as a team.

I love my job because helping people become employed is very rewarding to me. In my line of work, at any given time I can be notified that a job offer needs to be extended. Being able to contact people to let them know we would like to offer them employment, is a great feeling. Especially in today's times, to be able to share good news with people every day, is my motivation to get up every morning to come to work.

I love my job because not only do I get to be part of TVA's New Hire Team, I also get to be part of the bigger TVA team which includes all TVA employees. During TVA's New Employee Orientation, which I am responsible for coordinating and helping to facilitate, I have the opportunity meet every new employee that TVA hires. Not only do I get to finally meet the people who I have been communicating with during their hire process, I also get to broaden my own knowledge about the TVA as a company by seeing the different types of employees who work for TVA.

Finally, I feel privileged to be able to work for a company that does so many wonderful things for the place I grew up. I love Chattanooga and being able to support TVA in its endeavors to improve the Tennessee Valley is just yet another reason why I love my job.

Leanne Gross-Employment Assistant, TVA