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Scott Chase has been on the air at KZ106 since 1985.

Scott Chase has held essentially the same job since 1985. No big deal, right? Lots of people do that.

Not in local radio, where keeping the same gig for any length of time is rare.

"In this industry, it is very unusual," he said. "People tend to move around."

Chase, 54, came to WSKZ-FM 106.5 from Evansville, Ind., to be the afternoon disc jockey and program director. He's added operations manager to his title, and he now does a morning show. The station was a rock-based Top 40 station then and is a classic-rock station now.

"It has always had its roots in Southern rock," Chase said.

A love of music and a college professor who suggested he had a voice for radio drew him to the job.

Also, he recently became a member of The Stratoblasters, a local party band, as one of their singers.

Q: Obviously, part of your job is playing music on the air, but you also are in a band, right?

A: Yes. They gave me a chance to sing with Stratoblasters. The band has been around for quite a while. Chuck Wilkins and Randy Price, who both work here, are also in the band.

Q: Do you play an instrument?

A: I play guitar, but in the band I just sing. It's fun. It's a rush.

Q: Is it a different feeling or thing for you being on stage with the band?

A: Yes, it is different. I've done tons of public speaking and been on the radio, but it is very different. When on the radio, you're not speaking to whole room full of people or a crowd.

Q: What was KZ106 like when you got here?

A: I spoke just the other day at Jeff Cooper's funeral. He worked nights when I got here. I asked people to share their memories of Cooper and one guy sent me a note to me saying what a great guy he was and that we tore up the '80s.

And, without a doubt, (the 1980s) was a wonderful time to be on the radio station. It was very powerful and very popular and we had a tremendous amount of fun and did some great promotions.

Q: What is it you like about working in radio?

A: I really like the music we play. I like classic rock and the people you meet are pretty amazing. I've developed some extraordinary relationships.

Q: What has changed in radio since you got here.

A: When I got here, KZ had just bought its first CD player. The first CD was Bryon Adams "Reckless." It has changed dramatically, especially from the time I was a freshman in college.

Q: How do you decide what you play?

A: We look at national trending and we do occasional local research.

Q: In your opinion, how does the future of *radio look?

A: It has to continue to evolve and I think you see that happening right now with everybody extending their brands on the (Internet).


Name: Scott Chase Chamberlain.

Hometown: Evansville, Ind.

Education: Bosse High School, University of Kentucky Extension College, Indiana State University at Evansville.

Married: wife, Julie; children, Ashley Stenberg, Tanner Chamberlain and Mason Chamberlain.

Job: Operations manager Citadel Broadcasting in charge of programming for WGOW AM and FM, KZ106 and Big FM 107.9.

Favorite movie: "The Hangover."

Favorite book: "One Man's Wilderness" by Richard Proenneke.

Favorite song: "Freebird," "Stairway to Heaven."

Favorite act: Rolling Stones.