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London Ligon, 15, and her mom, Dr. Pamela Smith-Ligon, 43, will put their family relationship under the microscope for "My Mom and Me," a new show coming this fall on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

On July 21, a producer and film crew from the Oprah Winfrey Network will travel to Atlanta to spend two weeks filming Dr. Pamela Smith-Ligon, 43, and her 15-year-old daughter, London Ligon.

Smith-Ligon is a Chattanooga native and former employee of the Hamilton County school system and the Public Education Foundation. She has been in Atlanta for the last four years working on her master's in higher education, which she earned from Mercer University last month.

The filming is for a new show called "My Mom and Me." It will focus on the relationship between mothers and their teenage daughters. The show is set to air on OWN in late September or early October, according to Smith-Ligon. She and London auditioned for the show because they both could sense their relationship was changing.

"I think we have an interesting story and relationship, but it is also fairly normal mother/daughter stuff," Smith-Ligon said.

However, she acknowledged a tendency toward obsessive behavior.

"I keep an immaculate house, and I was getting on her nerves," Smith-Ligon said. "In our pantry, the cans of corn and green beans are all lined up. When we shop, I want to pick clothes for her.

"I guess it's me being a helicopter parent maybe."

The film crew will follow the two around for a couple of weeks, Smith-Ligon said. As part of the show, experts will view the interaction between mother and daughter and then offer suggestions on ways to improve things.

"That is the purpose," Smith-Ligon said. "We will have access to these professionals. "I think it's normal teenage stuff, and for me, I need to let her experience things on her own."

Smith-Ligon said she and London are both nervous about having their lives exposed.

"I just told her to be herself."