Chattamoms: Babysitter Journal saves time

Chattamoms: Babysitter Journal saves time

September 18th, 2011 by McClatchey Tribune in Life Entertainment

Anyone who's ever had a baby sitter in the home knows about the fretting that comes along with imagined emergencies. The Parents Journal for the Babysitter is one way to allay those fears by providing your baby sitter with easy access to those all-important details should they be needed.

The book contains tabbed sections for details like doctor and dentist phone numbers as well as contact information for friends, neighbors and relatives.

The Parents Journal also includes space to write about those truly important details that can help make an evening run smoothly: your child's special blanket or stuffed animal, the location of favorite toys, the names of books that they love and foods that need to be avoided.

There are also handy tear-off pages to jot down immediate details like your location and your cell-phone number while you're gone - as well as any thoughts or ideas needing specific attention.

A Parent's Journal for the Babysitter is available for $23 for Search under "journal."