Take Out: Pizza at the Family Table

Take Out: Pizza at the Family Table

April 11th, 2012 by Barry Courter in Life Entertainment

The buffet at Family Table features pizza and soup. Photo by Barry Courter

The buffet at Family Table features pizza and...

Technically, this report is supposed to be about takeout items from local restaurants, but earlier this week I was on Ringgold Road, hungry and in a hurry. I've eaten at Family Table before and liked it well enough, so I popped in hoping to get a quick to-go box from the buffet. They don't offer that.

I was immediately seated, and the waitress took my drink order and within a minute of walking in, I was loading a plate with salad, pizza slices and a cup of chili. I didn't need the chili but wanted to try it. It was good, with plenty of ground hamburger and chili spices.

Family Table is pretty much what the name implies. It's a friendly, clean, family-style restaurant. It's the type of place where the customers pause between bites to ask questions of the cashier or to say howdy to a neighbor.

I'm a big fan of salad bars. While this one isn't overly large, it has plenty to choose from, including tuna salad, chicken salad and crab meat salad, pasta, peppers and several dressings.

Five pizza pies were on the buffet, and the veggies-and-cheese slice was good. It's not gourmet pizza, but it's good enough to try again.

For $5.50, the buffet at Family Table is hard to beat.