Take Out: Mexican food with flavor

Take Out: Mexican food with flavor

July 4th, 2012 by Barry Courter in Life Entertainment

Our takeout order from Los Potros in East Ridge included Tacos al Carbone, right, Carnitas, left, with sauteed pork, onions, beans and rice, and the Chile Poblano Dinner.

Our takeout order from Los Potros in East...


The place: Los Potros, 5611 Ringgold Road.

The meals: Tacos al Carbon ($7.99), Carnitas ($8.49), Chile Poblano Dinner ($7.99).

It has been my experience with a good many of the Mexican restaurants in our area that too many of the dishes taste alike. When we would go to one particular place, I would have my daughter close her eyes and point to an item on the menu, and that would be my meal. No matter what number she picked, I knew I was getting some combination of tacos, tortillas, beans and rice.

We now have a couple of really good Mexican places that prepare dishes with discernible flavors. Los Potros in East Ridge is one of those.

My first comment to no one in particular after eating a few bites the other day was, "This tastes like food."

The tacos are served Mexican style with fresh soft corn tortillas. I got four. You can order them with chicken, sausage, steak or spicy steak. I chose the latter, and it came with a generous pile of chunky and tender meat, a large lime, cilantro, pico de gallo, chopped onion, avocado wedges, sour cream and lettuce.

The lime plays a key role. It all came in one serving tin, and everything was fresh and delicious.

With the Carnitas, big chucks of tender pork were served with sautéed onions, rice and refried beans in one pan, and the sides - lettuce, avocados, tomatoes, jalapeños - came in another. Flour tortillas were provided, as well, though we didn't use them.

The Chile Poblanos featured two large chilies stuffed with cheese, batter-dipped and fried. It came with rice and refried beans.

As with the steak and pork, the pablanos stood out because you could taste the cheese and the chilies as opposed to everything tasting like cooking oil.

While all three entrees were tasty, fresh and even better the next morning, it should be noted that the chips and salsa, which we Americans demand at Mexican restaurants, were not too good. The chips were oily and the salsa just so-so. The hot salsa we requested, however, was hot and good.

Los Potros also is located in Ooltewah and Chickamauga.