Pinterest inspires design for Ringgold boy's bedroom

Pinterest inspires design for Ringgold boy's bedroom

September 29th, 2012 by Susan Pierce in Life Entertainment

Autumn Burke sits on a bed in her son's room in front of the baseball design she found on Pinterest. Two large seams with red stitching painted on an Ivory wall give the illusion of a large baseball.

Photo by Tim Barber /Times Free Press.

Autumn Burke found an idea on Pinterest that inspired an update in her son Evan's bedroom.

It's a simple concept with big impact.

Every day, more than 4 million viewers check out Pinterest, according to statistics on Pinterest is the Internet bulletin board where users can share anything from T-shirt slogans to home decor ideas.

Burke copied a baseball pattern that consists of two large semicircles painted on an ivory wall, then "stitched" with 1-inch red dashes. The finished look gives the illusion that the entire wall is a baseball.

Since her 10-year-old, an avid sports fan, plays for the Chattanooga Baseball Club, she used the ball wall as the launching point for the room's Major League Baseball theme.

"A lot of people I showed the picture to originally said I needed to stencil the design or tape it off," the Ringgold, Ga., resident said.

"I'm one of those people who spends less time worrying with it and just does it. I had two hours before I went to get the kids at school, and I just did it."

She drew the seams out free-hand in pencil on the room's ivory wall. Using a foam paintbrush, she painted over them in gray, which complements the gray color on the room's other three walls.

Next she sketched stitches along the seams, all of them facing the correct way, then painted them in using gumball-red latex paint. The color contrast makes the seams pop, so the ball illusion is visible immediately.

"The stitches are about an inch long, and they are not uniform. I just took a pencil and did it. I had looked at the picture I copied so many times and had eyeballed it enough that I knew it," she said.

Burke said that start to finish, the project was done in 45 minutes.

She found MLB bedding at Pottery Barn Teen, added a wall-hanging and completed

the baseball theme with ball-shaped drawer pulls she found at Hobby Lobby.

"I have a picture of him playing baseball in there. It's a cute room for a boy. I really had a fun time decorating it," she said.

Candy Parker of the East Brainerd Road Ace Hardware said she has seen an upswing in the number of customers coming in with Pinterest ideas they want to copy in their own homes. She said it's a trend that began last spring.

Parker said that young couples are usually tackling projects that involve painting furniture or trying different painting techniques. Older homeowners are often wanting to match a paint shade they've seen on Pinterest to change a room.

"Pinterest has opened a whole new world," she said of its decorating possibilities.

"The worst scenario of trying an idea is that if you don't like it, you can paint over it."

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